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RealTruck Nation Podcast

This may come as a surprise but we here at are pretty enthusiastic about trucks. Whether it’s driving them, modifying them, or off-roading them, any truck-related topic is fair game for water cooler conversations at the RealTruck offices. In order to share our enthusiasm for all things truck with you, we’ve created the RealTruck Nation Podcast. Join Forrest, Dustin, and Chris as they discuss news, products, builds, and other truck-related topics and get inspired to upgrade your own truck. Follow the links below or listen via Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

In episode 12, the guys talk about the modifications you can do to your truck for bigger tires and lift.

In episode 11, the guys discuss the best and worst OEM truck wheels.

In episode 10, the guys talk about new trucks coming to the market including the new 2021 Ford Raptor. They also talk about their dream truck builds.

The guys talk about all of the options on the new 2021 Ford F-150. They also get into what tools you should buy cheap and what tools you should buy for quality.

The guys talk about new truck customizing trends in 2021.

Forrest, Dustin, and Chris discuss V6 vs V8 trucks and putting on 37" tires on the Ram.

Forrest, Dustin, and Chris discuss SEMA 2020, midsize vs full-size trucks, and trim packages

Forrest, Dustin, and Chris discuss the new Hummer EV truck and why you should buy a used vehicle from Dustin.

Forrest, Dustin, and Chris discuss RealTruck's new RAM 2500 and the most underrated truck mods.

The crew discusses electric pickup trucks.

Forrest and his new F-150 in Moab, Bronco rumors, the RAM TRX, and RealTruck's Overland Tundra build.

Overlanding culture and details about Chris's Colorado build.