Best Jeep Wrangler Accessories

Updated on Aug 29, 2023

If you’re anything like the staff here at RealTruck, the second you drive off the lot in a new ride, your mind begins building a to-do list of every future mod. From interior and exterior components to power boosters under the hood, the automotive aftermarket is flooded with a seemingly unlimited number of products and accessories to transform your ride into something unique.  

Jeeps, especially Wranglers, are one of the most customizable chassis on the market. Whether you’re looking to build a comfortable daily driver, a capable weekend warrior, or a rugged, dedicated trail rig, the parts to do so are plentiful, and we carry them all! At RealTruck, we offer everything necessary to build your bone-stock Wrangler into the rig of your dreams, and in this guide, we’re listing off our top products to do so! We’re tackling interior, exterior, and performance modifications, ensuring a well-rounded Jeep build that’s just as comfortable on the street as on the trail. 

So get out your reading glasses and notepad, and tune in for our list of the best Jeep Wrangler Accessories!

Interior Accessories

Whether you plan to use your Jeep as a daily driver, dedicated trail rig, or family hauler, the interior is bound to get dirty. From tipped-over, juice-filled sippy cups and spilled morning coffee to muddy boots and wet dogs, your Jeep’s upholstery and carpeting are highly prone to wear, tear, and stains. This damage is not only unattractive, but it can also significantly impact your Jeep’s resale value! The best remedy to wear and tear is preventing it altogether; to do so, we recommend that every Jeep’s first modifications focus on interior protection.

Covercraft Carhartt Super Dux PrecisionFit Seat Covers

Covercraft Carhartt Super Dux PrecisionFit Seat Covers blend the outstanding fit and finish of Covercraft seat covers with the unmatched durability of Carhartt workwear, ensuring a seat cover that’s as stylish as it is protective. These covers are manufactured from weather and tear-resistant 1,000-denier Cordura nylon with Rain Defender® DWR technology to protect against spills and extreme weather. Additional features include heavy-duty stitched seams for added durability, thick foam backing for improved comfort, integrated map pockets for added storage, and a snug, vehicle-specific fitment.   


  • Heavy-duty 1,000 Denier Cordura Nylon construction

  • Vehicle-specific fitment

  • Snug, second-skin-like fit and finish

  • Rain Defender® DWR technology guards against spills

  • Foam-backing for added comfort

  • Sleek, black color

  • Protects factory seats from sun, dirt, spills, & regular wear and tear

  • Heavy-duty stitched seams

  • Carhartt logo sewn into seat backs

  • Includes headrest & armrest covers (where applicable)

  • Console cover included on most seat styles (including bucket seats)

  • Rear storage pockets on the back of bucket seats

  • Hidden tear-away stitching for seat airbags

  • Sold per-row

  • Limited 4-year warranty

Husky Liners WeatherBeater Floor Liners

Every Jeep Wrangler needs a set of equally-rugged floor liners to match, guarding the factory carpeting against unnecessary staining, wear, and tear. Don’t skimp on quality when it comes to floor liners; instead, invest in the unparalleled protection of a premium all-weather floor mat, like Husky Liners WeatherBeater Floor Liners! 

These heavy-duty floor liners feature durable rubberized construction, ensuring maximum grip and durability. The liners' FormFit Design™ implements high-tech, 3D laser scanning technology to flawlessly map your Jeep’s floor tubs, ensuring a flawless fit that hugs every contour. These liners include a raised perimeter on all sides–known as the FormFit Edge™–to prevent spillover of liquids and dirt onto the carpet, even on rough terrain. 

As a bonus, the mats are nearly effortless to clean; simply remove them from your Jeep’s cabin, rinse off any dirt or debris with a hose, and reinstall once dry for a like-new finish!  


  • Vehicle-specific fitment

  • Heavy-duty rubberized construction

  • FormFit Design™ implements laser scanning for a precision fitment

  • Remains flexible even when subjected to extreme temperatures

  • Chemical and abrasion-resistant 

  • Patented FormFit Edge™ keeps moisture, dirt, and stains contained

  • Stay-Put Nibs reduce movement

  • Easy to install, remove, & clean

  • USA-made

  • Limited lifetime warranty

Husky Liners WeatherBeater Cargo Liner

Why stop at floor liners? Protect nearly every inch of your Jeep’s carpeting with a matching Husky Liners WeatherBeater Cargo Liner! 

Husky Liners manufactures its heavy-duty cargo liner from the same rubberized DuraGrip material as its floor mats, ensuring maximum impact, abrasion, puncture, and chemical resistance. The cargo liner’s patented FormFit Edge™ keeps moisture and debris off your vehicle's carpet, preventing stains and embedded dirt. 

All Husky Liners WeatherBeater Cargo Mats offer a patented FormFit Design™, utilizing 3D laser scanning technology to fit your vehicle’s rear cargo area flawlessly; the tighter the fit, the more comprehensive coverage and better protection!  

Husky Liners WeatherBeater Cargo Mats are as quick and easy to clean as the company’s floor liners; simply remove the cargo liner from your Jeep’s cargo area, hose off any dirt, debris, or liquids, and reinstall once dry!  


  • Custom-fit for your exact vehicle 

  • Rubberized DuraGrip construction

  • FormFit Design™ uses laser scanning technology to ensure a perfect fit

  • Stays flexible under extreme temperatures

  • Resistant to damage from chemicals & other abuse

  • Patented FormFit Edge™ keeps everything off your vehicle's carpet

  • Available in black, gray, or tan

  • Stay-Put Nibs hold each mat firmly in place

  • Easy to install, remove, & clean

  • USA-made

  • Limited lifetime warranty

Coverking Topliner

Are you tired of the stark white interior and poor insulation of your Jeep’s factory hardtop? Then consider revamping the interior with a Coverking Topliner! This headliner kit significantly improves your Jeep's looks and driving experience, covering the rough, white factory finish in premium black polycarpet. This kit offers a snug form fitment with pre-cut and molded panels. Coverking even includes premium weatherstripping to finish off the edges for an OE-inspired appearance. 

Aside from dramatically improving aesthetics, the Coverking Topliner improves insulation, reduces road and wind noise, improves acoustics, and reduces interior temps in hot Summer months. 

Installation is quick and easy with the included 3M double-sided adhesive and installation tool kit; no cutting or drilling is required.   


  • Perfectly formed to the top contours of your Jeep

  • Engineered to improve the finish quality of your Jeep’s hardtop

  • Gives your Jeep a premium, factory look

  • Constructed from durable black polycarpet

  • Insulates from road & wind noise

  • Improves acoustics & reduces echo from speaker

  • Significantly reduces interior temperature

  • Includes 3M adhesive & weather stripping to finish edges

  • Installation tool kit included

  • No drilling or cutting necessary

  • 3-year warranty

Moving on to your Jeep’s exterior, let’s look at some key products and accessories to bolster aesthetics and accessibility.

N-Fab Black EpYx Steps

Even in stock form, climbing into your Jeep can be a hassle, not to mention after installing a lift kit and oversized tires! Keep wear and tear off your body and ease entry into your Jeep’s cabin with a set of premium side steps, like the N-Fab EpYx in a sleek textured black finish! 

These heavy-duty side steps feature durable all-steel construction with welded end caps, ensuring maximum strength and corrosion resistance. The step’s tightly-tucked main tube provides exceptional rocker panel protection, while massive 15 x 4-inch drop steps with slotted tread provide a stable foothold into the cab. For added corrosion protection, N-Fab treats its EpYx steps with a durable textured-black powder coat finish.   

EpYx steps feature a simple, no-drill installation with the included bolt-on mounting brackets and vehicle-specific hardware. 


  • Heavy-duty all-steel construction

  • Welded end caps

  • Corrosion-resistant textured black powder coat finish

  • Rugged angular design

  • Massive 15" long, 4" wide drop steps

  • Slotted step pads for superior traction

  • Vehicle-specific brackets and hardware

  • Simple no-drill design

  • Limited-lifetime structural warranty/5-year finish

Bushwacker Hyperform Fender Flares

Add fender protection and styling with Bushwacker Hyperform Fender Flares! These premium flares bolster your Jeep’s tire coverage and fender clearance while perfectly complementing OE styling, providing a factory-style appearance. 

Bushwacker Hyperform Fender Flares are manufactured from high-grade, impact-resistant ABS thermoplastic, resisting cracks, fading, and abrasions. All flares are finished in an OE-style texture, further adding to their sleek appearance. Each front flare features a DOT-approved turn signal, ensuring your Jeep retains 100 percent streetability. 

While these flares require minor cutting and drilling, all hardware and thorough installation instructions are included. 


  • Adds additional tire coverage while complementing factory trim 

  • Constructed out of durable impact-resistant ABS thermoplastic 

  • 100% UV-protected 

  • Stylish dual-textured black finish

  • Integrated DOT-approved LED turn signals 

  • Sold in 4-piece sets 

  • All installation hardware included 

  • Cutting & drilling required

  • USA-made 

  • Limited lifetime warranty

Diode Dynamics SS3 LED Fog Lights

You can never have too much light; at least, that’s the idea behind Diode Dynamics SS3 LED Fog Light kits! These kits include vehicle-specific mounting brackets and a pair of Diode Dynamics’ Stage Series SS3 LED pods in your choice of color temperature, beam pattern, and class (Sport, Pro, Max), significantly bolstering output. 

Whether you’re navigating a trail in the dark, a dimly lit street, or a foggy backroad, Diode Dynamics SS3 LED Fog Lights are the ultimate addition to your Jeep. These lights are a direct replacement, featuring a DOT and SAE-compliant beam pattern and output. All lights feature durable extruded aluminum housings, plug-n-play pigtails for a splice-free installation, advanced TIR optics for high efficiency and focus, and a factory-style round bezel for minimal gaps. 

All Diode Dynamics lights are manufactured in the USA and backed by a limited 8-year warranty. 


  • Direct replacement for factory fog lamps

  • SAE-compliant, road-legal light output

  • Plug and play; no wiring modifications needed

  • Advanced TIR optics provide high efficiency and focus

  • Durable, powder-coated, extruded aluminum housing

  • Includes round bezel for a factory-style appearance

  • Sold as a complete kit

  • USA-made

  • Limited 8-year warranty

With the added weight of aftermarket parts often comes a reduction in overall power and efficiency; to counteract this performance loss, consider adding some accessories under your Jeep’s hood! 

K&N 77 Series High Flow Performance Metal Air Intakes

Every gas-powered vehicle requires three sources for ignition: fuel, spark, and air. As a general rule of thumb, the more air, the more efficient combustion and, thus, more power! K&N 77 Series High-Flow Performance Metal Air Intakes operate off that simple principle, featuring high-flow conical air filters and mandrel-bent intake tubing to funnel the smoothest flow of cool, dense air directly into your Jeep’s intake manifold! 

K&N 77 Series High-Flow Performance Metal Air Intakes utilize a high-flow, reusable conical air filter manufactured from oiled cotton. These filters are highly efficient and can last the life of your vehicle with proper maintenance; at every scheduled service interval, remove the oiled filter, clean it with a K&N Air Filter Recharge Service Kit, spritz on the included filter oil, and reinstall for like-new performance! 

These air intakes feature a simple bolt-on installation using the factory mounting locations. Each kit is vehicle-specific, ensuring a flawless fit and finish in your Jeep’s engine bay. K&N intake systems are backed by an industry-leading million-mile warranty; if your system suffers from any manufacturing or workmanship defects, K&N has you covered! 


  • Mandrel-bent aluminum tubing

  • High-flow, reusable, oiled-cotton conical air filter

  • Intake tubed offered in textured-black, polished, and silver finishes depending on the application

  • Dyno-proven horsepower and torque gains

  • Vehicle-specific design for an exceptional fit and finish

  • Simple bolt-on installation

  • Some kits may not be legal for use in CA

  • Backed by a one million-mile warranty

Poweraid Throttle Body Spacers

Boost your Jeep’s intake of cool, charged air with a Poweraid Throttle Body Spacer! These innovative components are installed between your Jeep’s throttle body and intake manifold; as air passes through the spacer, the patented Helix-Bore design spins the air and boosts its velocity, promoting better fuel atomization, efficiency, and power! In the driver's seat, you’ll notice improved low-end torque, mid-range horsepower, and quicker throttle response. 

Poweraid Throttle Body Spacers are CNC-machined from premium 6061-T6 billet aluminum, ensuring maximum strength and durability. Each spacer is vehicle-specific, ensuring a flawless fit without any cutting, trimming, drilling, or other modifications; all hardware, gaskets, bracketry, and instructions are supplied with every order. 

Poweraid Throttle Body Spacers are manufactured in the USA and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.    


  • CNC-machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum construction

  • Patented Helix-Bore design

  • Vehicle-specific fitment

  • Enhances overall performance & efficiency

  • Boosts low-end torque, mid-range horsepower, and throttle response

  • Maintains high air velocity for a perfect mixture of oxygen & fuel

  • Includes all mounting hardware, gaskets, and instructions

  • USA-made

  • Limited lifetime warranty

Borla S-Type Exhaust System

Just as important as an engine’s intake of cool, dense air is the efficiency at which it expels hot exhaust gasses; unfortunately, your Jeep’s factory exhaust system won't win any flow competitions. Instead, Mopar utilizes small diameter pipes and restrictive resonators/mufflers to quiet the exhaust note. As a side effect, the factory exhaust system also smothers power. 

Rather than settle for your Jeep’s quiet and restrictive factory exhaust, boost performance and decibels with a high-flow system from RealTruck, like the Borla S-Type Exhaust system! This premium exhaust system features a mandrel-bent, T-304 stainless steel construction for maximum strength and corrosion resistance. High-flow S-Type mufflers provide the perfect balance of sound and performance, resulting in a deep, sporty rumble with minimal drone. 

The Borla S-Type Exhaust System provides dyno-proven power gains, so what are you waiting for? Boost your Jeep’s power, efficiency, and sound quality with a premium Borla S-Type Exhaust, made in the USA. Borla backs its S-Type Exhaust Systems with a one-million-mile warranty. 


  • Corrosion-resistant T-304 stainless steel construction

  • Provides a throaty, performance-inspired exhaust note

  • S-Type mufflers deliver the ideal sound and noise level

  • Mandrel-bent tubing for smooth, uninterrupted exhaust flow

  • Dyno-tested performance gains 

  • Available with polished or black-chrome exhaust tips

  • USA-made 

  • One-million-mile warranty

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