Best Headlights for the Ford F-150

By: Brendan Soriano / April 11, 2023 in Guides

Headlights are an integral yet often overlooked component of your F-150’s exterior. While aftermarket headlights produce a sleek, custom aesthetic, they also play a significant role in light output. Aftermarket headlights are one of the simplest and most effective means of increasing low-light visibility behind the wheel of your F-150, packed with upgraded technology like daytime running lights, halos, projectors, and high-output LED bulbs.

However, with countless aftermarket headlights on the market, how can you tell which will serve you best? No one wants poor-quality headlights that reduce output, collect condensation, and oxidize in a year. Luckily, the experts at RealTruck are here to help! We’re compiling a list of the top headlights for your Ford F-150, considering factors such as aesthetics, output, and overall quality. Read on for our top Ford F-150 headlights on RealTruck.

Best LED Headlights

To begin, let’s look at our top LED headlights, featuring integrated LED chips for maximum longevity and performance in low-visibility conditions.


In recent years, Alpharex has burst onto the aftermarket headlight scene, producing high-quality, stylish headlight housing for numerous popular makes and models, including your F-150! The Alpharex Black Nova Series LED Headlights are one such product, featuring striking aesthetics and technology to match! 

These headlights feature a sleek, gloss black housing and crystal clear polycarbonate lens, offering a smoked look without hindering visibility behind a smoked lens. Alpharex packs multiple of its patented Ice Cube 3D LED projectors with Osram Oslon black flat LED chips into every Nova series headlight, offering exceptional output with a crisp, defined cutoff. Most applications also feature sequential LED turn signals and DRLs (daytime running lights) for a modern appearance. All optics meet DOT, SAE & FMVSS108 standards, ensuring 100-percent legality on the street and excellent performance.   

All Alpharex headlights are backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. 


Morimoto has long been a staple in the world of automotive lighting, renowned for its quality, performance, and stylish designs. The Morimoto XB Black DRL LED Headlights are no exception, featuring premium LED optics for maximum performance and longevity. 

Morimoto XB Black headlights feature a sleek, gloss-black housing and LED DRLs for striking aesthetics, perfectly complementing a black F-150–or any other color! While possessing a dark, menacing aesthetic, the headlight's performance isn’t compromised by smoked lenses like some competitors. Instead, Morimoto employs UV-coated crystal clear polycarbonate lenses, providing excellent output with minimal yellowing or oxidation. All optics meet DOT, SAE & FMVSS108 standards, ensuring 100-percent legality on the street and adequate performance. 

Morimoto XB Black DRL LED Headlights are backed by a 5-year warranty.


Anzo Black LED Headlights perfectly balance aesthetics and performance, featuring stealthy matte black housings and integrated LED projectors for both high and low beams. The menacing black housings offer a custom, aggressive appearance, while crystal-clear polycarbonate lenses provide maximum output. 

LED DRLs wrap around the headlight housing, casting a crisp white glow to modernize your F-150’s front end. Installing Anzo headlights on your F-150 is a breeze thanks to their direct-fit, plug-n-play design. 

Anzo Black LED Headlights are covered by a 1-year limited warranty.

Best F-150 Projector Headlights

Moving on, let’s check out our top projector-style headlights for the Ford F-150. Projectors refer to the headlight housing’s technology; projectors boost light output to promote maximum visibility utilizing a domed lens similar to a magnifying glass.


SPEC-D Smoked Black Halo Projector Headlights are a budget-minded yet performance-oriented headlight option featuring premium projector lenses to boost the output of your F-150’s factory halogen headlight bulbs. 

These headlights also offer premium styling, featuring gloss black housings, stealthy smoked polycarbonate lenses, and integrated LED halos and DRLs for a modern appearance. SPEC-D headlights feature a direct fit, plug-n-play installation on most applications, utilizing factory mounting holes/hardware and factory-style headlight plugs to minimize wire splicing. However, some applications may require minimal splicing to power the LED halos and daytime running lights. 

SPEC-D Smoked Black Halo Projector Headlights are backed by a limited 30-day warranty.


Anzo Black Switchback Projector Headlights offer excellent output and styling, featuring premium projector technology for a modern aesthetic and far superior visibility compared to conventional reflector buckets. Though these headlights utilize your F-150’s factory headlight bulbs, the integrated projectors improve light production for maximum performance. 

Not only do these headlights offer excellent performance, but also attractive aesthetics! The stealthy matte black housing looks excellent on any application, while LED switchback DRL/turn signals produce a crisp white glow; until you hit the turn signals! Once you actuate your F-150’s turn signals, the entire DRL shifts to flashing orange, denoting your next move to everyone on the road! 

Anzo Black Switchback Projector Headlights feature a limited 1-year warranty.


SPEC-D makes another appearance in the projector headlight category, this time with its Black Halo Projector Headlights. These headlights feature the same projector lenses, matte black housings, LED halos, and DRLs as the previous model; however, they offer slightly improved output thanks to the crystal clear polycarbonate lens, compared to a smoked lens.

The SPEC-D Black Halo Projector Headlights offer a simple plug-n-play, direct-fit installation utilizing your F-150’s factory mounting holes and hardware; however, some wiring may be required to power the LED halos and DRLs.  

SPEC-D Black Halo Projector Headlights are backed by a limited 30-day warranty

Best F-150 Halo Headlights

Finally, we’re looking at halo headlights for the F-150, featuring LED, CCFL, or plasma “halo” rings surrounding the headlight bulbs for a unique appearance.


ORACLE Lighting is a long-running provider of all things aftermarket lighting, specializing in LED, CCFL, and plasma halo kits for numerous makes and models. However, instead of disassembling the headlights and installing the halos yourself (as traditionally necessary), ORACLE introduces its factory-style headlights with your choice of halos pre-installed! 

This product consists of high-quality OE-style chrome housings pre-fitted with ORACLE’S high-output halos. These headlights are best suited for those that prefer OE styling but are in the market for a custom touch. All lights are DOT and SAE compliant and require no modifications to your F-150’s mounting locations or wiring for a simple, plug-and-play installation. 

ORACLE Chrome OE Style White Halo Headlights are backed by a limited 1-year warranty.


If you love the look of ORACLE’s LED Halo retrofits, but would rather not tackle a headlight build yourself, consider the ORACLE Black OE Style White Halo Headlights! This product is practically identical to the previous entry on the list; however, instead of using an OE-style chrome housing, ORACLE pre-installs its LED, CCFL, or plasma halos into sleek black housing for a rugged appearance. 

ORACLE utilizes high-quality aftermarket OE-style headlights in every build, featuring durable housings and UV-resistant polycarbonate lenses. All headlights feature a direct-fit, plug-n-play installation, reusing your F-150’s factory mounting provisions and headlight connectors. All lights are DOT and SAE compliant for 100 percent legal road use. 

ORACLE Black OE Style White Halo Headlights are backed by a limited 1-year warranty.


For some extra flare, try out ORACLE Chrome LED ColorSHIFT Headlights, consisting of chrome OE-style headlights with premium ORACLE LED ColorSHIFT halos pre-installed. Unlike the previous two ORACLE headlights, ORACLE ColorSHIFT headlights aren't limited to white halos; instead, they feature full-color adjustment using a wireless remote and integrated control module. From red to blue to green and purple, ORACLE ColorSHIFT halos can display the gamut of colors to personalize your F-150’s front end. 

All ORACLE headlights feature a direct-fit, plug-n-play design that utilizes your F-150’s factory mounting provisions and wiring harness. Plug in the factory-style connectors, bolt in the headlights, and enjoy your F-150’s new look! 

ORACLE Chrome LED ColorSHIFT Headlights are backed by a limited 1-year warranty.

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