Best Brake Pads & Rotors for the Ram 1500 (2023)

By: Brenden Soriano / April 11, 2023 in Guides

The world of automotive modifications is like candy; once started, you can’t stop! The possibilities are limitless, from lift kits and oversized tires to programmers, exhausts, and intakes. However, one area of your RAM’s chassis often gets overlooked by first-time modders: the brakes

It’s easy to forget the importance of your brake system and the effect that compounding modifications have on braking performance. It only takes one drive in your newly modified RAM–touting a peppier drivetrain and oversized, heavy wheels and tires–to highlight the inadequacy of your stock brakes. With the added weight, increased rotational mass, and boosted performance, your truck carries more momentum than previously, almost like you’re towing a trailer or hauling a heavy load in the bed. As a result, your RAM’s stopping distance increases, leaving you less room to avoid accidents in the event of a sudden stop or obstacle in the road!  

But don’t worry; you can significantly improve your RAM’s braking performance with simple, bolt-on modifications like high-performance rotors and brake pads! Curious about which brake parts are best suited for your ride? The experts at RealTruck are here to help! In this article, we’re discussing the top brake pads and rotors for the RAM 1500. Your RAM will stop on a dime with the products on this list!

Best Brake Pads for the RAM 1500

To kick things off, we’re covering the top brake pads for the RAM 1500. These high-performance brake pads will improve braking performance and offer a simple, direct-fit installation into your factory brake calipers.


Power Stop Z36 Truck and Tow Brake Pads feature a premium, thermally-stable carbon-infused ceramic compound for maximum braking performance in all conditions. These pads are designed for a superior bite while towing, hauling, or navigating hilly terrains. Each Z36 Truck and Tow Brake Pad features a thermally-scorched compound for rapid brake-in. They also include corrosion-resistant stainless steel shims, backing plates, and a chamfered and slotted design to reduce noise, ensuring a quiet and comfortable ride. 

Like all carbon ceramic brake pads, the Power Stop Z36 Truck and Tow Brake Pads offer a long service life with minimal wear to surrounding brake components. They also produce minimal dust, and what is produced is less abrasive than that of conventional semi-metallic pads. 


  • Thermally-stable carbon-infused Evolution ceramic compound

  • Thermally scorched for a quick brake-in 

  • Chamfered & slotted to reduce noise

  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel shims ensure quiet operation

  • Designed for hauling, towing, & hilly terrain

  • Decreased brake fade at high temperatures

  • Long service life under severe & commercial applications

Who Are These Brakes For? 

Power Stop Z36 Truck and Tow Brake Pads are well-suited for all applications, particularly those that regularly haul/tow heavy loads or navigate hilly terrain.


Hawk SuperDuty Brake Pads feature maximum braking performance and unrivaled stopping power. Ferro-carbon friction material grips the rotors in any condition, regardless of temperature. The durable, military-inspired compound delivers high deceleration rates without fading, making them ideal for hauling or towing heavy loads. Consistent brake release ensures predictable performance, even after a long descent down unforgiving, hilly terrain. You can’t beat Hawk SuperDuty Brake Pads for military and fleet-proven performance. 


  • Ferro-carbon friction material

  • Superior performance in extreme temperatures without brake fade

  • Unrivaled stopping power

  • High deceleration rates

  • Delivers consistent brake release

  • USA-made 

  • Limited lifetime warranty

Who Are These Brakes For? 

Hawk SuperDuty Brake Pads are best used on heavy-duty fleet vehicles and work trucks that regularly tow and haul heavy loads.


EBC GreenStuff Brake Pads are the ideal entry-level performance brake pads for any application, including your RAM! On full-sized truck and SUV applications, GreenStuff pads produce approximately 10–20 percent greater brake performance while maintaining factory levels of durability and longevity. EBC GreenStuff pads offer crisp and responsive brake feedback in all conditions without fading or falling off; they’re also chamfered and slotted, ensuring quiet braking performance. 

EBC GreenStuff Brake Pads feature EBC’s patented red brake-in compound, ensuring instant safe braking fresh out of the box. These pads promise low-medium dust levels, keeping your wheels cleaner for longer. What dust is produced is far less abrasive than traditional semi-metallic dust and won’t rust or stain your wheels. EBC GreenStuff’s mild compound is also far less harsh on surrounding brake components, preventing excessive rotor wear.


  • Medium dust production

  • Excellent performance without brake fatigue 

  • Pedal response and brake control are up to a full grade better than factory brake pads

  • 10–20% improved brake effect

  • Low wear and tear of brake rotors

  • Red "brake-in" surface for instant safe braking

  • 6-month / 10,000-mile warranty

Who Are These Brakes For? 

EBC GreenStuff Brake Pads offer excellent performance with factory levels of driveability. These pads offer 10–15% increased performance that's ideal for sporty daily drivers and those looking for minimally improved brake response.


EBC Extra Duty Truck Brake Pads utilize the company’s heaviest-duty, commercial-centric carbon granule-based extra-duty material for unparalleled performance, no matter the conditions. Whether towing a fully-loaded trailer or hauling a bed full of cargo through the mountains, EBC Extra Duty Truck Brake Pads provide unwavering braking performance. 

Regarding durability, EBC Extra Duty pads are tough to beat. These brake pads feature EBC’s innovative NUCAP NRS hook technology, adhering the friction material to the backing plate for a 5X greater bond than other brake pads on the market. They can also withstand temperatures over 1400 degrees Fahrenheit, far higher than conventional brake pads. And while durable and heavy-duty, these brake pads are also comfortable. High-volume Vee grooves and NUCAP insulator shims reduce brake dust and minimize noise, ensuring clean and quiet performance. 


  • EBC’s top-tier brake pad

  • NUCAP NRS hook technology for 5X stronger friction material bond

  • High-volume Vee grooves help to vent and remove dust 

  • NUCAP insulator shims for noise-free braking

  • Effective stopping power above 1400°F 

  • Excellent performance at low temperatures

  • Long lifespan

  • Red brake-in surface coating 

Who Are These Brakes For? 

EBC Extra Duty Truck Brake Pads are ideal for work trucks and those demanding maximum performance from their RAM. These pads are engineered for applications that regularly tow and haul heavy.


Do you demand sporty performance from your daily-driven RAM? Power Stop Z23 Evolution Sport Brake Pads are the ultimate upgrade for sporty daily drivers, like your 5.7L HEMI-powered RAM 1500. 

Power Stop utilizes a performance-oriented carbon-infused ceramic friction material for an excellent brake feel. Due to the ceramic pad, Power Stop Z23 brake pads provide a long service life; they're also far less harsh on brake rotors than comparable semi-metallic brake pads. Power Stop Z23 brake pads exhibit quiet performance in all conditions thanks to stainless steel shims and strategically-place chamfers and grooves. 


  • Carbon fiber-infused Evolution ceramic construction

  • Thermally scorched for a fast break-in

  • Chamfered & slotted for a noise-free braking experience

  • Stainless steel shims ensure a quiet operation

  • Resistant to high temperatures

  • Includes ceramic brake lubricant

  • Long service life

Who Are These Brakes For? 

Power Stop Z23 Evolution Sport Brake Pads are ideal for sporty daily drivers. These pads offer moderate performance benefits over factory while maintaining the low-dust, low-noise, and low-wear qualities of OE pads.

Best Brake Rotors for the RAM 1500

Now that we’ve covered our top brake pads, let’s discuss our top brake rotors to pair alongside them!


Power Stop Drilled and Slotted Rotors are the first step in performance braking, offering exceptional performance, superior corrosion resistance, and a sporty appearance. From a design standpoint, Power Stop Drilled and Slotted Rotors aren’t smooth like your RAM’s factory rotors; instead, they utilize several drilled holes and slots to improve braking performance. Slots in the rotor's surface help to capture brake dust, preventing the rotors from glazing and reducing heat. The drilled holes connect with the rotor's vents, funneling hot air directly from the rotor to better dissipate heat. 

These rotors are constructed from heavy-duty, automotive-grade G3000 gray cast iron, providing exceptional strength and wear resistance. As a bonus, all Power Stop Drilled and Slotted Rotors are zinc plated to prevent unsightly corrosion on the rotor hats and vents. 


  • Durable G3000 grade gray iron construction

  • Corrosion-resistant silver zinc plating

  • Drill holes dissipate up to 180° F of heat

  • Slots clear rotors of dust and gas 

  • Increased brake performance

  • Stylish, performance-oriented aesthetics

Who Are These Brakes For? 

Power Stop Drilled and Slotted Rotors are an excellent all-around brake rotor setup for daily driving, hauling, or occasional track use.


EBC Sport Dimpled and Slotted Brake Rotors are an excellent addition to any hard-working RAM, featuring a performance-oriented drilled and slotted design, heavy-duty gray iron construction, and a sleek and corrosion-resistant black Geomet coating. 

These rotors complement any application; however, they’re ideal for heavy-duty pickups or sporty SUVs. Each rotor features durable, auto-grade gray iron construction for maximum strength and wear resistance. Extra-wide slots in the rotor’s face encourage degassing, keeping the brake system up to 200 degrees cooler! These slots also help to capture excess brake dust and debris, preventing glazing and gouging of the rotor surface. Drilled dimples also aid in pad degassing without the added stress of “through drilling." 


  • High-quality gray iron construction  

  • Corrosion-resistant black Geomet coating 

  • Extra-wide slots keep brakes up to 200° cooler and remove dust and debris 

  • Drilled dimples allow for pad degassing without "through drilling" which can lead to stress cracks

  • All brake rotors are inspected for excess runout

  • Ideal for trucks and SUVs

  • Backed by a 6-month or 10,000-mile warranty

Who Are These Brakes For? 

EBC Sport Dimpled and Slotted Brake Rotors are ideal for the sporty daily driver or work truck, providing superior stopping performance while maintaining the durability and strength necessary for towing and hauling.


EBC Premium OE Brake Rotors are the ideal choice for those demanding OE performance and an OE finish. Unlike performance-oriented and sporty rotors on the list, EBC Premium OE Brake Rotors feature a solid, OE-style surface; no drilled holes or slots here! 

EBC Premium OE Brake Rotors are constructed from premium automotive-grade G3000 gray iron, ensuring maximum strength and durability for long service life. Unlike factory brake rotors, which are prone to rusting on the rotor hats and vents, EBC rotors feature a black Geomet coating for exceptional corrosion resistance. All rotors are precision-machined to perfectly match OE specifications and are thoroughly inspected for runout or distortion before hitting the shelves, ensuring smooth braking performance out of the box. 


  • Premium G3000 gray iron construction

  • Corrosion-resistant and stylish black Geomet coating 

  • Machined to OE-specifications

  • Inspected to guarantee no runout or rotor distortion

  • Cross-ground or diamond-tuned brake zone finish

  • Backed by a 10,000-mile or 6-month warranty

Who Are These Brakes For? 

EBC Premium OE Brake Rotors are ideal for the daily driver or light-duty work truck. These rotors provide OE levels of performance and an OE aesthetic.


Boost your RAM’s braking performance with EBC Ultimax Slotted Brake Rotors. These rotors feature a sporty slotted design, corrosion-resistant Geomet coating, and superior braking performance over your RAM’s factory smooth rotors, ensuring adequate stopping power in all conditions. 

EBC Ultimax Slotted Brake Rotors feature durable, automotive-grade gray iron construction for superior strength and wear resistance. All rotors are coated in EBC’s proprietary black Geomet coating, preventing excess rust and corrosion on the rotor hats and vents. Slots grace the entirety of the rotor’s face, capturing brake dust and gasses to prevent rotor glazing and excess heat. 


  • High-quality gray iron construction

  • Corrosion-resistant black Geomet coating

  • Up to 200-degree-cooler operation

  • Narrow slots cool rotors and collect dust/debris

  • All EBC brake rotors are individually inspected for runout and distortion

  • Backed by a 10,000-mile or 6-month warranty

Who Are These Brakes For? 

EBC Ultimax Slotted Brake Rotors offer excellent performance for all applications, whether daily driving or regularly towing and hauling heavy loads.


Goodyear Truck and SUV Brake Rotors are heavy-duty, direct-fit replacements featuring OE-style smooth faces and vane configurations. All rotors are constructed from premium high-carbon gray iron and are thoroughly inspected for runout and imbalances, ensuring smooth brake performance fresh out of the box! 

Goodyear rotors are coated in a protective Antiox Max coating, fighting rust and corrosion for long service life and improved appearance.   


  • High-carbon gray iron construction

  • OE vane configuration for efficient heat dissipation

  • Pre-balanced and incepted for excessive runout 

  • Smooth braking fresh out of the box

  • Protective Antiox Max™ coating fights corrosion

  • 2-Year / 24,000 Mile Warranty

Who Are These Brakes For?

Goodyear Truck and SUV Brake Rotors are ideal for stock, daily-driver pickups that don’t require additional performance over OE brakes. These rotors offer OE performance levels and a smooth, quiet operation. 

For all of your brake needs, check out our extensive inventory. We offer all of the top brands and styles to best meet your needs. For product inquiries or order assistance, contact the experts at RealTruck. 

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