Best Chevy Colorado Aftermarket Wheels and Rims

Updated on Jan 26, 2024

Are you looking to boost your Chevy Colorado's exterior styling? Then consider ditching its narrow, mundane factory wheels for a stylish aftermarket set! You can install all the parts and accessories on the market, like heavy-duty bumpers, a sizable lift kit, and modified lighting, but nothing makes as sizable of an impact as aftermarket wheels.

If you’re eyeballing a set of aftermarket wheels for your Chevy Colorado but can’t decide on the perfect brand or model, then you’re in the right place! In this article, our experts cover everything there is to know about Chevy Colorado wheels, including popular styles, materials, finishes, and our top five recommendations.

Why Install Aftermarket Wheels on Your Colorado?

Aftermarket wheels are one of the most popular accessories, offering several advantages over their factory counterparts. In this section, let’s cover the key benefits of outfitting your Chevy Colorado with aftermarket wheels, including styling, durability, and fitment


The first and arguably most commonly cited reason for installing aftermarket wheels is improving exterior aesthetics. Aftermarket wheels come in countless aesthetically pleasing styles and finishes, enabling you to drastically alter your Colorado’s appearance with a simple bolt-on modification! In addition to changing your wheel's style, you can also modify your Colorado's stance with alternative dimensions, like diameter, width, and offset!


Next, let’s talk about durability. Different applications may warrant alternative wheel constructions. For example, a dedicated off-road rig may benefit from durable steel wheels due to their propensity to bend on the trail after a harsh impact. Bashing a bent lip back into shape with a hammer is typically preferred to waiting on a tow in a remote location! 

Aftermarket wheels come in several materials, including cast aluminum, forged aluminum, and steel. No matter your driving style, you can find an aftermarket wheel that’ll hold up to your pickup!


Lastly, let’s discuss fitment. Factory wheels typically feature conservative sizes, including diameter, width, and offset. When attempting to run oversized tires on your Colorado’s factory wheels, you may find that not only is the factory wheel too narrow to accept the tire size you want, but the high factory offset sucks the tire too close to the suspension, leading to undesirable rubbing. 

Aftermarket wheels come in various configurations, allowing you to fine-tune your wheel and tire fitment to best suit your Colorado’s suspension setup.

Types of Aftermarket Wheels and Rims

RealTruck has an extensive aftermarket wheel catalog. Not only do we carry products from numerous manufacturers, but each manufacturer offers several styles, constructions, and finishes! Let’s dig deeper into the common variances you’ll encounter when browsing wheels on RealTruck.

Aftermarket Wheel Styles

Aftermarket wheels come in various styles, ranging from classic bullet-hole to elaborate, multi-spoke designs. Some of our most popular styles include:

Aftermarket Wheel Constructions

Build quality is another facet of selecting the proper wheels for your Colorado. We carry rims in multiple popular constructions, each offering unique properties. 

Regarding materials, nearly all wheels and rims on the market feature an aluminum or steel construction, providing exceptional strength and reliability. As a rule of thumb, aluminum wheels are considerably lighter yet more brittle than steel wheels, while steel wheels are generally more durable yet heavy and prone to corrosion. While wheel manufacturers rarely stray from these popular materials, they may implement alternative manufacturing processes that result in different properties, including:

Aftermarket Wheel Finishes

Whereas construction determines the base materials and manufacturing processes used to produce a wheel, finish refers to the coating, plating, or treatment of a wheel that determines its corrosion resistance, color, and overall aesthetic qualities. Some of the most popular finishes include:

For additional information on wheel styles, constructions, and finishes, check out our guide to the Best Wheels and Rims!

Best Chevy Colorado Wheels and Rims

And now, let’s get into our top wheels and rims for the Chevy Colorado! Each product on this list has been expertly selected, offering the best blend of styling, quality, and cost-effectiveness. We’ve also included several top-selling wheels in various styles and finishes, ensuring a product to satisfy every enthusiast!

Moto Metal is one of the biggest names in the aftermarket wheel market, renowned for offering durable and stylish alloy wheels in a wide range of sizes and unbeatable values! The MO970 is no exception, routinely coming in as our top-selling wheel! 

This stylish spoked wheel features eight angular spokes with precision-milled accents, making for a sleek yet aggressive design. For added detail, Moto Metal spot-mills accents on the lip, creating contrast in the otherwise one-dimensional gloss black finish. Moto Metal includes a bolt-on center cap to finish off the wheel’s aesthetics. 

This wheel features a heavy-duty cast aluminum construction that’s both lightweight and durable. Moto Metal backs the MO970 with a limited lifetime structural warranty and a one-year finish warranty, ensuring a lifetime of reliable service! 


  • Dependable cast aluminum construction

  • Angular 8-spoke face

  • Gloss-black finish

  • Spot-milled lip accents

  • Bolt-on center cap

  • Offered in multiples offsets, diameters, and bolt patterns

  • Sold individually

  • Limited lifetime structural / 1-year finish warranty

While the Moto Metal MO970 comes in as our top-selling street-styled wheel, there’s nothing more aggressive than the Black Rhino Armory in a stylish black finish! Black Rhino has gained significant traction in recent years, and the Armory is one of the brand’s most unique and popular products to date! 

This wheel features an aggressive, military-inspired design with a flat, solid face and multiple faux bolts reminiscent of the durable steel bead locks used on military Humvees. However, unlike the heavy and impractical steel wheels used on military equipment, the Black Rhino Armory utilizes a modern cast aluminum construction for reliability and a low overall weight.

The Black Rhino Armory is ideal for the avid off-roader or overlander, sporting a heavy-duty design that complements aftermarket bumpers, lift kits, and oversized tires. Black Rhino backs its Armory wheels with a limited lifetime structural warranty and a one-year finish warranty.  


  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum construction

  • Rugged military-inspired styling

  • Flat, spoke-less face

  • Tactical black hardware

  • Oversized bolt-on center cap

  • Stealthy Gun Black finish

  • Sold individually

  • Limited lifetime structural / 1-year finish warranty

If you prefer classic, bullet-hole styling over busy modern wheel designs, consider the retro vibes of the Pro Comp Polished 69 Vintage Wheels! These wheels feature a timeless bullet-hole design consisting of a flat face with eight large holes. Classic push-through center caps and exposed lug pads drive home the retro design, ideal for vintage pickups or retro-inspired builds! 

The Pro Comp Polished 69 Vintage Wheels feature durable cast aluminum construction and a lustrous polished finish, perfectly complementing chrome bumpers, side steps, and accents. Pro Comp backs the 69 Vintage series with a lifetime structural warranty and a two-year finish warranty.  


  • Polished finish

  • Bullet hole design

  • Concave style

  • Stepped wheel lip

  • Pro Comp-branded center cap

  • Limited lifetime structural / 2-year finish warranty

Method Race Wheels is a hyper-popular manufacturer of off-road-inspired wheels featuring aggressive multi-spoke faces, simulated beadlock lips, and robust cast aluminum constructions. The NV is one such wheel; it’s also one of Method’s longest-running and most popular designs! 

This wheel features a stylish 12-spoke face and simulated beadlock ring with removable zinc-plated hardware. Complementing the simple face design is a push-through center cap, exposed lug pad, and machined brand logos for added detail. 

These wheels are ideal for any application, from the daily-driven weekend warrior to the dedicated off-roader or overlander. Method backs the NV with an industry-leading lifetime structural warranty and a two-year warranty on the finish.   


  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum construction

  • Simulated beadlock ring with removable zinc-plated hardware

  • Matte black powder coat finish 

  • Sleek, 12-spoke face

  • Push-through center cap with exposed lug pad

  • Machined ‘Method’ logo on the wheel face

  • Limited lifetime structural / 2-year finish warranty

Last but not least, we have the Fuel Beast in a tinted black finish, and beastly they are! These wheels feature a rugged 6-spoke design with large, simulated Allen hardware near the lip, providing unique styling. Almost as unique as the Beast’s design is its stealthy, tinted black finish! With matte black accents throughout, the Fuel Beast is a one-of-a-kind wheel! 

Like other wheels in Fuel’s one-piece lineup, the Fuel Beast features a heavy-duty cast aluminum construction for exceptional strength and a low overall weight. Fuel backs the Tinted Black Beast with a limited lifetime structural warranty and a one-year finish warranty. 


  • Aggressive 6-spoke face

  • Matte black finish with machined face and dark tint coating

  • Durable cast aluminum construction

  • Offered in various dimensions and bolt patterns

  • Limited lifetime structural / 1-year finish warranty

  • Sold individually

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