Best Truck Wheels and Rims for 2022

Your wheels are boring. We know nobody wants to hear that their truck is anything less than perfect, but those OEM rims just aren’t gonna cut it in 2022. Not to worry, though: is here to help you choose the perfect set of custom rims for your truck. With multiple brands, sizes, and finishes represented, our guide to the best wheels for 2021 has something to suit almost anybody’s style.

1. Moto Metal Machined Black MO970

With hundreds of sets sold, the Moto Metal Machined Black MO970 has been our best-selling wheel month after month. The machined black finish offers a combination of gloss black and bright aluminum colors, which complement a wide variety of vehicle paint codes. A classic eight-spoke pattern completes this popular wheel’s rugged appearance. Also available in graymatte black, and gloss black finishes.

The MO970 features eight rugged spokes.

Multiple sizes and offsets available.

2. TIS Machined Black 544 Wheels

TIS stands for twenty inches strong, and the company backs up that claim with 20-inch wheels featuring huge negative offsets, deep lips, and aggressive spoke designs. The Machined Black 544 has proven to be the best-selling TIS wheel thanks to its eight rotational spokes, which are eye-catching without being ostentatious. If you want a big wheel that turns heads, this rim should definitely be on your shopping list.

Gloss black finish with machined black spokes.

Includes a lifetime structural warranty on the cast aluminum construction.

3. Moto Metal Gloss Black MO970 Wheels

Moto Metal Gloss Black MO970 Wheels feature the same construction and design as our number one wheel with a gloss black finish that's perfect for an all-black truck build. Choose from a wide range of diameters and offsets to get the look you want to set your truck apart from the herd.

Machined rivets line the outer rim of the wheel.

One year warranty on the finish, lifetime structural warranty.

4. Fuel Matte Black Hostage

On the opposite side of the color spectrum we find the matte black Hostage wheel from Fuel. Featuring eight split spokes, this cast aluminum wheel is finished in a matte-black powder coat that’s perfect for dark-colored trucks or white trucks with black accents. The Hostage wheel is available in sizes of up to 24 inches on select applications. A gloss black finish is also available.

Aggressive eight-spoke design.

Available in 17 to 22-inch diameters.

5. Vision Machined Black Warrior

The machined finish of the Vision Warrior wheel looks sharp whether your truck is on the road or on the trail. It’s easier to maintain and keep clean than chrome plating, so you can have an eye-catching finish that isn’t prone to peeling and cracking in extreme environments. Black accents around the outside of the eight-spoke rim complete this wheel’s aggressive appearance. Also available in chrome.

Machined accents located around the wheel's lip.

Multiple sizes and lug patterns available.

6. Fuel Gloss Black Assault

Wage war on your dull OEM wheels with the Fuel Gloss Black Assault. Featuring an eight-spoke design with milled accents, the Assault is one of the most distinctive wheels in Fuel’s catalog, and the gloss-black finish creates a rich, dark sheen. Choose from sizes up to 20x10 with bolt patterns to fit most trucks on the road today.

The wheel features a shiny, gloss-black finish.

Black milled accents located along the spokes.

7. Black Rhino Black Armory Wheels

Black Armory Wheels from Black Rhino are unique on this list for their spoke-free design, which completely hides your brakes and imparts a military aesthetic to your truck. The gunmetal black finish further adds to this wheel's intimidating appearance.

The spoke-free design creates a unique look.

Multiple bolt patterns and back spacing available.

8. Fuel Matte Black Vapor

Matte black has been the most popular finish on aftermarket truck wheels for several years, which is why this color is so well-represented on this list. Fuel Matte Black Vapor Wheels combine this finish with a split, six-spoke design, and are available in multiple sizes, bolt patterns, and offsets to fit most pickup trucks. You can also get this wheel with a tinted black finish.

Rugged six-spoke design.

15 to 20-inch diameters available.

9. Pro Comp Black 51 Series Wheels

Aluminum wheels are certainly popular in the aftermarket, but some customers still swear by the durability of steel, particularly on dedicated off-road rigs. Pro Comp Black 51 Series Wheels feature steel construction and a classic ten-spoke design perfect for trucks that spend all their time in dirt, mud, snow, and any other environment that isn't flat, smooth, and black.

Made of high-quality solid steel.

Two-year warranty on the finish, lifetime structural warranty.

10. American Racing Black AR172 Baja

For customers looking for wheels under 18 inches in diameter, the American Racing Black AR172 Baja is definitely worth checking out. This wheel comes in 15 to 17-inch diameters, making it ideal for truck owners who want more tire than wheel in their wheel wells. Thick spokes with round cutouts provide excellent coverage for your brakes and wheel hubs. This wheel can also be ordered with a polished finish.

Five, six, and eight-lug bolt patterns available.

Ideal for trucks that need wheels smaller than 18 inches in diameter.

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