The Best Running Boards for Your GMC Sierra 1500

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Why Do You Need Running Boards?

If you’re familiar with trucks, you know how vital running boards can be when it comes to an ultra-lifted build. When outfitting your Sierra 1500 with the proper exterior accessories, running boards should never be overlooked. As sleek as they are functional, these side steps allow you to easily get in and out of your vehicle, no matter how far off the ground you may find yourself. From retractable to curved, RealTruck offers a variety of branded running boards that are sure to complement your build upgrade perfectly. We’ve rounded up our top picks just to save you a little bit of browsing time.

Let’s Get Right To It; We definitely Have Some Favorites.

While we still encourage you to browse our site’s inventory thoroughly, take a look at a few of our picks, hand selected by our very own truck experts. These will guide you in the right direction as you nail down which product is best for your ride. As you read, consider certain factors such as installation, cost, and material.

Most Unique: The AMP Research Power Step


If you’re someone who likes to have a bit of an edge, we recommend going with running boards that will make you stand out on the road. The AMP Research Power Step is as practical as it is unique. What makes it so special? The automatic retracting step. Once you open those truck doors, these boards drop down to offer you that perfect step up into your vehicle. When not in use, these boards discreetly tuck under your truck until the next time you need them. No worries whatsoever about these boards potentially snagging on the terrain below while in motion. Not to mention, the stylish design and textured finish of these all-aluminum steps will have your build looking pretty impressive.


Each AMP Research Power step is 7 inches wide, meaning it can accommodate everything from high heels to steel toe boots. Need even more selling points? These automatic running boards come with two LED lights, meaning your dismount from the truck is clean no matter what time of day it is. Worried about a weight limit? With a 600 lb load capacity, you won’t give your kids jumping on them a second thought. With the addition of Anti-Pinch technology, these steps are automatically responsive to any sort of weight or resistance, meaning they’ll never fully retract if a person or object is on top of it. If your build is lifted more than 6 inches, we would recommend these running boards.


With a five-year warranty and there when you need it/gone when you don’t design we’d say that’s a pretty great investment. You can shop the AMP Research Power Step here.

Best Value: Go Rhino RB20 Running Boards


Looking for a more affordable option that’s still qualified for the job? Look no further than the Go Rhino RB20 running boards to outfit your Sierra 1500. These corrosion resistant, premium steel boards come in eithera textured powder and protective bed liner coating, allowing you to customize the way you want. 


Although not retractable like the AMP boards, the Go Rhinos provide impressive ground clearance, allowing you to cover any kind of terrain. These steps boast a 7.5 inch wide front, tapering into a 6.5 inch rear, providing plenty of surface area for you to safely dismount the vehicle. Bad weather? Slips are of no concern with these guys. The specialized tread pattern prevents these boards from becoming slippery or unsafe when faced with any wet conditions or foreign debris.


Go Rhino RB20 running boards come with a five-year warranty. You can shop the boards for your Sierra 1500 here.

Ionic 5” Black Curved Nerf Bars


These 5” nerf bars feature an extra wide step to ensure extra safety and comfort when entering anf exiting your vehicle. The powder coated black gloss finish perfectly accentuate the aesthetics of your Sierra, having you looking cool and feeling functional.


These truck steps are made of powder-coated carbon steel, capable of resisting corrosion and supporting up to 350 lbs. Installation requires no drilling on most Sierra 1500s. The rubberized step pads located at each door are textured to give you and your passengers sure footing even in rainy or icy weather.


They’re backed by a three-year warranty, so you can feel confident about your purchase. You can shop them here.

Still Not Sold Yet?

Luckily for you, we have even more impressive running board options for you to browse. With brands like Ionic, APS, Steelcraft, and Romi, RealTruck is the ultimate destination for any of your running board needs. Did we mention fast shipping? Yeah, that doesn’t hurt either. Contact one of our truck experts today to help outfit your Sierra 1500 with the perfect accessories, or browse our entire inventory here. Happy shopping!


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