What Are Jeep® Badges of Honor?

Updated on Apr 24, 2024

If you've spent much time around or within the Jeep® community, you’ve likely become accustomed to Jeep Badges of Honor. Or even if you weren’t sure what the decals symbolized, you’re likely familiar with their form: octagonal badges featuring a trail name, trail outline, and “Jeep Official Badge of Honor” inscribed on their face. 

These badges aren’t just for show (though they do look cool). Instead, they’re earned and awarded. But what do these badges represent, and how does one acquire them? If you’ve found yourself asking these same questions, you’re in the right place. This guide answers all these questions and more, and by its end, you’ll be a certified Jeep Badge of Honor expert.

The Badge of Honor (BOH) Program

In 2013, the Jeep brand initiated its Badge of Honor program to commemorate some of the country’s most impressive off-road trails and the vehicles that conquer them. You see, each badge features the name of a specific trail that Jeep has recognized for its status in the Jeep community, whether due to its difficulty, beautiful scenery, or legendary status. 

The Badge of Honor program invites Jeepers to run said trails and rewards their completion with a digital trophy, a physical badge to adhere to your Jeep, or both.

Physical vs. Digital Badges of Honor

Jeep offers two badge options after completing a BOH-recognized trail: digital or physical. Digital badges live within the official Badge of Honor app. You can also acquire them without a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), allowing passengers or rental drivers to receive digital badges. 

Physical badges, which Jeep calls hard badges, are also acquired through the official app, though they require proof of ownership. 

The physical badges feature a sleek, rectangular octagon shape inspired by military-issued dog tags. They feature a rugged, duotone color palette (black and milled) and fit within Jeep-issued mounts.

How Much Does a Physical Badge of Honor Cost?

The Jeep Badge of Honor program is entirely free, from signing up to ordering physical badges. After inputting your Jeep’s VIN and going through the account creation and check-in process, you can request a physical badge for no cost from Jeep, which takes anywhere from 6–8 weeks to arrive.

How Many Badges of Honor Are There?

The BOH program is always expanding, as Jeep routinely adds new trails. Additionally, the BOH app features a “suggest a trail” option, allowing users to nominate their favorite trails for recognition.

Currently, the BOH program comprises 68 trails across 25 states. Check out our full list of trails at the end of this article.

Where Do You Install Badges of Honor?

Traditionally, Jeepers install Badges of Honor on their Wrangler and Gladiator’s front fenders, beside the factory-installed Trail-Rated badge. However, there’s no set rule. Any flat, prepped surface is fair game, including rear quarter panels, tailgates, hard top glass, and more.

How to Earn a Jeep Badge of Honor

Now that we’ve covered the basics of Jeep Badges of Honor, it’s time to earn some. This step-by-step guide details earning your badges, from downloading the app to installation.

Step 1: Download the Jeep Badge of Honor App

The first step to acquiring a badge of honor, aside from owning a trail-rated Jeep, is downloading the official Jeep Badge of Honor application. You can find this app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and it requires a GPS-capable smartphone or smart device.

Step 2: Create and Account and Sign In

After downloading the application, it'll prompt you to create an account, which is necessary to check in to trails and, thus, earn Badges of Honor. Follow the prompts to create an account, sign in, and move on to step three.

Step 3: Visit a Badge of Honor Trail

After logging in, visit a Badge of Honor-recognized trail. Using the app, click the map icon and scroll through trails in your area to locate your next adventure.

Step 4: Check-In at the Trailhead

With your trail selected, make the trek to the trailhead. Once you've arrived, use the app to check in. Even if service is shotty, as is the case with several BOH trails, the GPS-capable app still functions, allowing you to check in with little to no cell signal. Once you return to cell service or wifi, the app will update.

Step 5: Complete the Trail

Once you’ve checked in on the app, complete the trail. Though this step is technically optional, as the app won’t track your journey across the trail, receiving a Badge of Honor without finishing a trail isn’t just ill-advised—it’s stolen valor.

Step 6: Request a Physical Badge

With the trail complete, you’ve now received an official badge of honor—at least, a digital one. Within the app, you can input your Jeep’s VIN and shipping information and request physical “hard badge” versions of any digital badges you’ve earned. Your badge should arrive at your doorstep within 6-8 weeks, along with a congratulatory letter.

Step 7: Install Your Hard Badge

Once you’ve received your Hard Badge, clean and prep the installation area with rubbing alcohol or mineral spirits. 

The badge comes in two pieces—a plastic base and an alloy badge—that you must bond together before installing on your Jeep. To do so, peel off the badge’s adhesive backing and press it firmly into place on the plastic mount. After applying 20–30 seconds of pressure, peel the adhesive backing from the mount, align the badge on your Jeep, and press firmly.

Optional Steps

While completing trails and earning badges are the BOH program’s main features, Jeep has also integrated a point-based ranking system and leaderboard. The system allows you to earn your way through six ranks, including: 

  • Newbie: 0 points

  • Trail Rookie: 100 points

  • Trail Explorer: 800 points

  • Trail Commander: 2500 points

  • Trail Pro: 4000 points

  • Trail Expert: 6500 points

Though there are several ways to earn points, the quickest is checking in at trailheads, which nets 200 points per check-in. Once you reach 6500 points, you'll be a certified trail expert.

Jeep Badge of Honor Trails




  • Gut Buster (#17)

  • Trail #404

  • Switchback to Who’s Your Daddy (#500)


  • Schnebly Hill Trail

  • Table Mesa Road

  • Backway to Crown King


  • Fun Run

  • Rubicon Ridge

  • Snake

  • Quartz Canyon


  • Dusy Ershim

  • Gold Mountain

  • Holcomb Creek

  • John Bull

  • Pinyon Mountain Trail

  • The Rubicon Trail


  • Black Bear Pass

  • Engineer Pass

  • Holy Cross

  • Imogene Pass

  • Ophir Pass

  • Poughkeepsie Gulch


  • Tread Lightly Four Wheel Drive Way


  • Beasley Knob OHV


  • Trail #2X

  • Trail #3

  • Trail #3X

  • Trail #5 (5 Green, 5 Blue, and 5X)


  • C2

  • Rattlesnake Alley


  • Turkey Bay


  • South Marble Head Loop

  • HollyOaks ORV Park


  • Guard Rail

  • Pee Wee’s Crossing

  • Cougar Crossing


  • Black Tail Wild Bill Trail


  • Rocky Gap

New Hampshire

  • Jericho Mountain 4x4 Trail

North Carolina

  • Dickey Bell Trail #91


  • Cedar Tree #13

  • Firebreak 5 #14


  • Crawl Daddy

  • Crawler Ridge

  • Trail #11

  • Barney Rubble

  • Fern Ridge

South Carolina

  • Gulches ORV Park


  • Panther Rock Trail #51

  • Trail #16

  • Trail #26


  • Black Gap 4x4 Trail

  • Northwest ORV Park 

  • Hidden Falls Adventure Park


  • Cliff Hanger

  • Elephant Hill

  • Fins and Things

  • Hell’s Revenge

  • Hole in the Rock

  • Metal Masher

  • Poison Spider

  • Pritchett Canyon

  • Steel Bender

  • Top of the World

  • Golden Spike


  • Peters Mill Run

West Virginia

  • Bearwallow


  • Monument Ridge

If your Jeep isn’t up to traversing tricky trails, no problem. The Jeep Badge of Honor app includes difficulty ratings, ensuring you never bite off more than you can chew. And if you’re looking to upgrade your Jeep with the products necessary to dominate challenging trails, check out our Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator parts and accessories. 

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