Best Ram 1500 Nerf Bars

All you need to know about selecting the right nerf bar

A variation on the running board that accomplishes the same mission with a slightly different look and feel, the nerf bar is a helpful step between your truck and the ground. Why not offer your own knees and back a little break, while also making it easier for your passengers to get in and out of your truck or SUV? In addition to the best RAM 1500 running boards and the best RAM 1500 hoop steps, at RealTruck, we offer a wide selection of every possible step variation, like running boards, hoop steps, bed steps and nerf bars, including the best RAM 1500 nerf bars. Want to know more about nerf bars before making a purchase? You’re in the right place.

The Why and the How

Even tall people appreciate an extra step between the vehicle and the ground. It eases stress on the joints, but that’s not the only reason nerf bars are such a popular aftermarket upgrade. Much of outfitting your truck involves selecting items that fit your personal sense of style, so looking great is a close second to utility and accurate fitment, both of which you should ensure before deciding to buy. At RealTruck, we have plenty of experts standing by to help you confidently achieve certainty of both these factors and more, so please call or chat with us.


A variety of nerf bars are available, from cab-length and wheel-to-wheel – which are fairly self-explanatory but point to their length in the name, if you missed that – to hoop steps, which involve a hoop-shaped stirrup step that sits lower than the bar itself. These are hoops you can stick your boot in, along with your weight.

Off-road implications

Unless you’re big into hardcore off-road activities like rock crawling or any other pastimes likely to bash and scrape your bars, you should be just fine adding nerf bars to your truck. If it turns out you are into that hardcore off-road stuff at a high level, you might want to look into rock sliders, instead. Nerf bars are made from metal tubes, with brackets that are typically bolted on, though companies like N-Fab offer bars with welded brackets. Most nerf bars are made of steel, so they’re capable of withstanding off-road obstacles and hazards.

Our Top RAM 1500 Nerf Bar Picks

Stocking all the best RAM 1500 nerf bars on the market means offering lots of choices, including brands like Ionic, N-Fab, Havoc, Westin and Raptor. It also means you’ll have plenty of options to consider, which is why we decided to recommend a few of our top picks, right here:

1. Ionic 4” Curved Black

An e-coating adds black powder-coating for superior protection that extends to the carbon-steel mounting brackets in this sleek, 4-inch, oval-steel nerf bar. Four-inch-wide step pads provide a rugged, non-slip tread for sure footing. Built for heavy loads and corrosion resistance, Ionic delivers durability and easy installation.

2. Ionic 5” Curved Black

Need a little more space? The ultra-wide step on the five-inch Ionic model makes a little more room for big feet. Its gloss-black powder coat ensures protection from the elements and includes a three-year warranty. This set comes with two bars and brackets, so all you need is a few hand tools and an hour or less for installation.

3. Raptor 4” OE Curved Black Oval

Ensure a little extra protection for the long haul with the fully welded end caps and all-steel construction of this set from Raptor. Each board can handle up to 500 pounds of weight and features angled end pieces, 4-inch non-slip step areas with pads and no-drill installation with all the hardware you’ll need.

Making Your Choice

Many people shopping for aftermarket upgrades, like nerf bars, just want quality add-ons that look great, function reliably and don’t break the bank. Others are more particular about an exact look or a particular activity and make decisions accordingly, like someone who owns a lifted truck who appreciates that extra hoop step below the nerf bar when climbing into Bigfoot. Before you decide, think carefully about your budget, how the parts will change the look of your truck and how you intend to use it. These are the big three factors it all really comes down to.

Add-ons and installation

One of the most popular additions to the best RAM 1500 nerf bars is a universal LED lighting system, which can make a huge difference if you’re using your truck after dark or before the sun comes up. Some automatic/electric models of running boards even include these lights. Some manufacturers also offer hitch steps or bed steps that pair well with your set of nerf bars. For most nerf bars, installation is a breeze, as they mount to rocker panels with included hardware, in holes that are already there. You can do this yourself in about an hour or less, and we post informative how-to videos on our site and on our YouTube channel.


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