Shelby Burns

2016 RAM 3500

Self appointed “professional fun-haver”, Shelby Burns loves to educate and inspire others who love the outdoors. Based out of Lake Tahoe, California, she enjoys skiing in the winter and camping in the summer. Try and keep up with her while she’s backpacking the land less explored.

RT: What do you love about the outdoors?

SB: I love the endless options available for getting outside; there is something for everyone. Lately, I've been unpacking what getting outside means for me. Before, I thought it always needed to be extreme. Now, I see the outdoors as a way to connect with myself and something greater! While I love to push my body to its limits in outdoor sports, I've also been looking for new ways to connect with myself outside such as: fly fishing, rock hounding, foraging, and relaxing in hot springs.

RT: What vehicle do you drive?

SB: I drive a 2016 RAM 3500 6.7L Cummins

RT: How does your vehicle help you out in the real?

SB: This adventure rig is my partner and I's home on wheels. For the past year and a half, we've been self-renovating a 1971 Dolphin camper, which lives in the bed of our RAM 3500. Our truck camper allows us to explore just about anywhere we'd like. Most recently, we drove across the country to ski from California to Pennsylvania; and then boon-docked through the South West before heading back to Lake Tahoe.

RT: Can you talk a bit about being a woman in your outdoor space?

SB: I LOVE it. When my mom was a single mother, she took on all of the stereotypical "Dad" roles during my childhood. She was in charge of our weekly adventures from: fly fishing, hiking, biking, and skiing. I'm very thankful for these experiences, and I think this is why I've taken it upon myself to educate and inspire other women to take up outdoor spaces. 

RT: How important is representation?

SB: Extremely. Specifically, I've noticed this in the outdoor sports I've taken up such as park skiing. I did not know any local women doing the outdoor sports that I wanted to do growing up. The only representation I saw was from limited ski films; and female representation (specifically in park skiing) was VERY small. It makes me smile seeing the progression and numbers grow of ladies in outdoor sports. It is especially incredible starting to see young girls get into the outdoor sports I dreamed of doing as a kid. Our young generations deserve to see better representation.

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