Best Chevy Silverado Roof Racks

Updated on Feb 2, 2024

Roof racks are popular cargo solutions for sedans and SUVs, though they rarely find their way onto pickups, but why? As pickup cabs grow and beds shrink, it only makes sense to take advantage of the unused space overhead! 

If you’ve considered bolstering your Silverado’s cargo capacity, consider outfitting your Silverado with a premium roof rack system from RealTruck! Unsure which product best suits your needs and budget? You’ve come to the right place! We’re covering the top roof racks for Chevy’s flagship full-size in this guide, including considerations and our expert’s top-recommended products. 

Read on to transform your Silverado’s cab into a usable cargo space!

Why Install a Roof Rack?

So, why install a roof rack in the first place? While there are plenty of other cargo management products on the market, including truck bed racks and bed extenders, most still confine cargo to your Silverado’s bed. Once the bed fills up, you’re left only with the cab, and that’s if it isn’t already flooded with passengers and pets! 

Alternatively, roof racks take advantage of the massive dead space above the passenger cabin, a space that’s often larger than your Silverado’s bed! In recent years, automakers, Chevy included, have followed a trend of lengthening cabs and shortening beds. As pickups have shifted from work rigs to family vehicles, their form factors have followed. Single cabs and eight-foot beds have given way to massive four-door cabs and short 5.5–6.5-foot beds, prioritizing passenger comfort over cargo capacity. 

So, why not make use of the ever-growing surface area above your Silverado’s cab? Roof racks accomplish just that, bolstering cargo capacity for luggage, gear mounts, oversized materials, and more! Several roof rack systems also feature integrated accessory mounts, accepting auxiliary lights, recovery equipment, and more!  

So, the real question isn’t why should you install a roof rack on your Silverado, but why wouldn’t you?

Top Roof Rack Systems: Expert’s Picks

At RealTruck, we offer a wide selection of roof rack systems, ranging from basic clamp-on crossbars to heavy-duty fabricated roof baskets. Which is best for your Silverado? Read on for our expert’s top-five roof rack recommendations, offering exceptional quality, capacity, and aesthetics.

Up first is the Rhino Rack Vortex Crossbars, a complete roof rack kit from the Australian manufacturer. This kit includes everything necessary to mount a premium crossbar system onto your Silverado, including base mounts, pads, clamps, crossbars, and lock cores!

The Rhino Rack Vortex system features a heavy-duty aluminum construction that can hold up to 165 pounds of cargo. This rack is ideal for light-duty tasks, like transporting luggage, skis, and snowboards. The teardrop-shaped crossbars offer superior aerodynamics, reducing drag and improving efficiency. 

Installing the system is quick and easy with the included clamps; no cutting, drilling, or modifications are required. Removal is just as easy, and once uninstalled, the Rhino Rack Vortex leaves no traces of ever being mounted! 

Rhino Rack backs the Vortex Crossbars Complete Kit with a limited lifetime warranty. 


  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction

  • Engineered for use on gutterless vehicles

  • Holds up to 165 lbs.

  • Vehicle-specific design for easy installation

  • Simple, clamp-on mounting

  • Ideal for transporting luggage, skis, snowboards, and other light-duty cargo

  • Limited lifetime warranty

With a base rack installed, consider installing a roof basket for easy cargo loading! The Go Rhino SRM600 Roof Rack is a premium universal roof basket offered in three lengths: 55 inches, 65 inches, and 75 inches. With a lightweight all-aluminum construction and textured black powder coat finish, the Go Rhino SRM600 is as stylish as it is durable!

This product affixes to any existing roof crossbar system using the included Rhino clamp system. The rack also utilizes Go Rhino’s innovative 4-CORE crossbars, allowing you to mount most Go Rhino and other T-slot accessories quickly and securely. 

Need light? The Go Rhino SRM600 has you covered! This rack is pre-drilled for auxiliary lights, allowing you to mount LED bars, pods, cubes, and more! 

Go Rhino is a RealTruck brand. When you order an SRM600 Roof Rack or any other Go Rhino product from us, you’re dealing directly with the manufacturer. We back each Go Rhino SRM600 Roof Rack with a limited lifetime structural and 5-year finish warranty. 


  • Aluminum roof rack basket

  • Textured black powder coat finish

  • Utilizes Go Rhino's 4-CORE crossbars

  • Universal fitment

  • Basket height 6"

  • Three sizes to choose from

  • Rhino clamps included

  • Easy to install on cross bars, no drilling needed

  • Pre-drilled for lights (lights sold separately)

  • Limited Lifetime Structural / 5-Year Finish Warranty

For rugged aesthetics and unmatched durability, consider the aggressive styling of the Go Rhino Ceros Low Profile Roof Rack! This off-road-inspired rack system features a rigid yet lightweight aluminum construction. Go Rhino finishes the Ceros Low Profile Roof Rack in a textured matte black powder coat, withstanding impacts, abrasions, oil, chemicals, and UV exposure. 

The Go Rhino Ceros features a sleek form factor that perfectly follows the contours of your Silverado’s roof. Like the SRM600, the Ceros is pre-drilled for auxiliary lighting, allowing you to install your choice of off-road lights to bolster visibility. Go Rhino also implements its 4-CORE crossbars into the Ceros, allowing you to mount most T-slot and Go Rhino accessories quickly and securely. 

Installing the Go Rhino Ceros Low Profile Roof Rack is quick and easy using the included clamps; no drilling or modifications are required. Go Rhino backs each Ceros Low Profile Roof Rack with a limited 5-year warranty.


  • Aluminum roof rack basket

  • Textured matte black powder coat finish

  • Utilizes Go Rhino's 4-CORE crossbars

  • Low-profile design offers a clean, finished look

  • Clamp-on assembly

  • Rhino clamps included

  • Simple, no-drill installation

  • Pre-drilled for auxiliary lights (sold separately)

  • 5-year limited warranty

Introducing the Go Rhino SRM400 Roof Rack: a sleek, alloy roof basket with Go Rhino’s 4-CORE crossbars built right in! 

This rack features a rugged alloy construction, including lightweight extruded aluminum crossbars and plate steel side walls/fairings. Go Rhino treats all alloy components with a heavy-duty textured black powder coat finish, offering exceptional chip, scratch, UV, and chemical resistance. 

The Go Rhino SRM400 utilizes Go Rhino’s innovative 4-CORE crossbars: aerodynamic crossbars with integrated T-slot tracks, allowing you to mount Go Rhino-branded or other T-slot accessories. For added functionality, Go Rhino includes provisions for LED cubes, bolstering light output. 

Installing the Go Rhino SRM400 Roof Rack is quick and easy using the included U-bolt clamps; no drilling or modifications are required. Go Rhino backs each SRM400 Roof Rack with a limited 5-year finish and lifetime structural warranty. 


  • Constructed with steel side walls and fairings with extruded aluminum cross bars

  • Textured black powder coat finish

  • Utilizes Go Rhino's 4-CORE crossbars

  • Universal U-Bolt clamps included

  • Available in 3 lengths: 48", 58", and 68" 

  • 50" inside width

  • Weight capacity: Determined by the vehicle manufacturer

  • Provisions for 3” x 3” LED cubes

  • Limited lifetime structural / 5-year finish warranty

Why order a roof basket and crossbars separately when you can find both in a single kit? The Black Horse Roof Rack System offers just that, featuring aerodynamic aluminum cross bars and a rugged 52-inch aluminum cargo basket. Choose from anodized silver or black finishes, offering exceptional corrosion resistance and a sleek appearance. 

Need light? The Black Horse Roof Rack System has you covered! The included basket features pre-drilled mounting holes for auxiliary lights, allowing you to mount LED pods or an LED light bar!

The Black Horse Roof Rack features a simple installation with vehicle-specific clamps and brackets. No drilling or lasting modifications are required! Black Horse backs the Roof Rack System with a limited 3-year finish and limited lifetime structural warranty. 


  • The complete roof rack system includes a 52-inch aluminum basket and crossbars

  • Made with high-strength anodized aluminum

  • Available in black and silver

  • Rail clamps feature integrated lock cylinders for security

  • Secure, easy-to-use roof rack

  • Designed for smooth-roof applications

  • Simple, clamp-on installation

  • 3-year finish / limited lifetime structural warranty

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