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Updated on Dec 20, 2023

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Most good hunting spots have at least one thing in common: you're not going to get there in a car. Whether it's an old beater or a brand new weekend toy, a dependable pickup truck is part of any good hunter's arsenal. To help you get the most out of your hunting truck, we've put together a list of truck accessories that will improve off-road performance, keep your gear secure, and help you stay organized.


One of the most important parts of hunting is preparation, and it's hard to be prepared without items like ice chests, first aid kits, water jugs, specialized clothing, and that's before we even start thinking about weapons and ammo. Leaving your truck bed exposed while hunting opens your gear up to damage from the elements and potential theft.

We recommend keeping your bed covered with the BAKFlip MX4. This hard folding truck bed cover locks with your tailgate, making your bed more secure than your cab. It also features durable aluminum construction and a matte-black finish that matches many OEM bed accessories like bed rail covers. With the cover closed and locked, you can be confident that any gear you can't keep on your person is well-protected.

BedTred Ultra Bed Liner

While we're on the subject of truck beds, the BedTred Ultra Bed Liner makes a fine addition to any hunting truck. The liner protects your truck bed from dents, dings, and scratches that can diminish its value. It also prevents excess cargo shifting while your truck is in motion. This is particularly helpful for hunters who need to move a kill from the field to a different site for skinning and butchering.

When it's time to clean your bed out, just hose the liner down with car soap and water. It's also tough enough to resist damage from chemicals like engine oil and battery acid.

DU-HA Humpstor

So named because it sits over the wheel well or “hump” in your truck bed, the Humpstor is a locking storage box that mounts beneath your truck's bed rails, allowing you to have a tonneau cover AND a box (or two) in the same bed.

While it can hold many small items, this box was designed with hunters in mind. Its long, narrow shape is perfect for storing rifles, and each box can hold two rifles or shotguns without scopes mounted. The box lid is sealed to prevent leaking and includes molded channels for water runoff.

DU-HA Underseat Storage

If you'd rather keep your gear inside your truck cab, take a look at DU-HA Underseat Cab Storage. These storage bins mount underneath or behind your truck's rear seats, where it provides an organized storage area.

Like the Humpstor, DU-HA designed this unit with hunters in mind, and it includes dividers that double as gun racks. DU-HA Underseat Storage is considered a legal gun case in most states. Choose from multiple colors to match your truck's interior

Covercraft Carhartt Seat Covers

Keeping sweat, dirt, mud, and other contaminants off your seats goes a long way toward maintaining your truck's comfort and cleanliness.

We recommend Covercraft Carhartt Seat Covers for trucks that spend a lot of time off the beaten trail. Heavy-duty duck weave fabric makes these covers not only incredibly durable, but also easy to clean: just throw them in a washer and dryer and reinstall.

If you bring a hunting dog with you, he can stay in the cab without damaging your upholstery. If Fido could talk, he'd certainly tell you he'd prefer these to a cramped dog box.

Black Horse Classic Black Grille Guard

Also known as brush guards, grille guards protect your truck's front end from damage caused by off-road hazards such as low-hanging limbs and other vegetation. This line of defense between your truck can prevent scratched or broken headlights, a damaged grille, and more.

The Black Horse Classic Black Grille Guard also includes mounting holes for aftermarket lights (not included), which will dramatically improve off-road visibility.

We recommend the black finish for off-road vehicles, but a [stainless version]( is also available. Installation can be done at home with basic hand tools.

Supreme Suspensions Leveling Kit

While you may not need a full lift kit, a leveling kit from Supreme Suspensions will give your truck some added front clearance and, more importantly, will allow you to fit larger than stock tires, which are a huge asset when traversing off-road trails.

Zone Leveling Kits are application specific with leaf shackles, shock extenders, strut spacers, and torsion keys available.

These kits won't alter your truck's handling characteristics, but they'll give you the edge you need to overcome obstacles an OEM truck just can't tackle.

Toyo Open Country M/T Tires

Speaking of tires, a set of highway rubber just isn't going to cut it when you run into mud, snow, sugar sand, or any other harsh terrain.

Equip your hunting truck with a set of Toyo Open Country M/T to open up new possibilities in off-road travel. Toyo uses 3-ply polyester to give this tire excellent resistance to punctures and tears.

Aggressive, widely-spaced tread lets this tire dig into difficult terrain without losing traction while the scalloped shoulder blocks eject mud and snow. If you're building a hunting truck from the ground up, this is where you start.

If you have questions about these or any other truck accessories, chat or call our product experts.

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