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Updated on Mar 26, 2024

What good is a Jeep without a suspension lift? One of the first modifications we recommend for a Jeep Gladiator is a premium lift kit for both looks and performance. These popular accessories take an already rugged and off-road-capable platform, the Jeep JT Gladiator, and improve upon it, increasing ride height to boost tire clearance, ground clearance, and overall performance on the trail. 

We offer a wide selection of lift kits for the Jeep Gladiator, ranging from basic coil spacer lift kits to performance-oriented long-arm systems. Regardless of the terrain types you plan to navigate, your driving style, or your aesthetic preferences, we carry a suitable suspension system for your JT. We’re outlining our favorites in this guide. Along the way, we’ll cover the various lift kit types and some pros/cons of each. 

Read on for our list of the best Jeep Gladiator lift kits.

Lift Kits Types

There’s more than one way to lift a Jeep. We offer five different lift types, including: 

  • Body lifts

  • Leveling kits

  • Basic lift kits

  • Coilover lift kits

  • Long arm lift kits

In this section, we’re comparing each lift type, including its general components and some pros and cons, beginning with body lifts.

Body Lifts

A body lift kit is an affordable yet unconventional means of achieving a mild lift. Rather than modifying your Gladiator’s suspension with taller coil springs or spacers, as with most other lift kits, body lifts increase ride height through modifications to your vehicle’s body mounts. 

Body lifts utilize 1–3-in. tall spacers, typically manufactured from composite, installed between the factory body mount and body, thus lifting the cab, bed, and other body panels over the frame. This lift style provides improved fender clearance for oversized tires; however, their impact on ground clearance is minimal since the frame and drivetrain are untouched. 

Body lift kits offer comfortable, factory-like ride quality due to the factory suspension; however, you’ll also gain little to no off-road performance for the same reasons. Overall, we’d recommend body lifts for street use or use in conjunction with a suspension lift.


  • Cost-effective

  • Maintains factory ride quality

  • Retains payload and towing capacities

  • Increases tire clearance


  • Typically requires cutting and trimming of frame horns for bumper relocation brackets

  • Minimal lift; approximately 1–3 inches 

  • Time-consuming installation

Leveling Kits

Leveling kits are another cost-effective lift type, offering mild ride height increases to only your Jeep’s front end. These kits eliminate a vehicle’s factory rake (the discrepancy between front and rear ride heights. 

Most pickups, the JT Gladiator included, roll off the assembly line with a taller rear ride height, which helps retain drivability and prevent excessive spring sag when towing a trailer or loaded with cargo. However, the rake is more of an eyesore than a benefit if you don’t frequently tow or haul at or near your vehicle’s capacities. For this reason, leveling kits are a popular lift kit style, raising the front ride height to level it with the rear via taller coil springs, spring spacers, or adjustable coilovers. 


  • Balances stance

  • Increases front ride height, ground clearance, and tire clearance 

  • Retains factory towing characteristics

  • Cost-effective

  • Bolt-on installation


  • May cause a reverse rake while towing/hauling

  • Minimal lift; approximately 1–3 inches

Basic (Short Arm) Suspension Lifts

Basic lift kits, also known as short arm kits in the Jeep community, utilize factory or factory-style link arms alongside taller coil springs or spring spacers to achieve moderate lift. These kits are typically affordable and offer straightforward, bolt-on installations. Basic lift kits uniformly increase front and rear ride heights, providing your JT with an aggressive stance, increased ground clearance, and room for oversized tires. 

These systems follow a budget-minded approach, focusing on ride height increases over off-road handling. As a result, we recommend basic suspension lifts for daily-driven rigs and weekend warriors rather than dedicated wheelers and overlanders. 


  • Offered in various lift heights

  • Improves ground and tire clearances

  • Improves aesthetics

  • Most affordable suspension lift style


  • May alter on-road performance

  • May require modifications (cutting, drilling, etc.)

Coilover Suspension Lifts

Coilover suspension lifts are similar to basic lifts; however, they ditch conventional coil springs or spacers for premium, adjustable coilover dampers. These systems offer exceptional on- and off-road performance and adjustable ride heights, although these benefits come at a cost—literally. Coilover suspension lifts are one of the priciest styles, often costing between double and triple the price of basic lifts.


  • Adjustable ride height

  • Solid on-road performance

  • Improves ground and tire clearances

  • Improves aesthetics


  • Pricier than similar basic lift kits

  • May alter on-road performance

  • May require modifications (cutting, drilling, etc.)

Long Arm Suspension Lifts

Long-arm suspension lifts utilize lengthened control arms that typically mount further toward the center of the frame using aftermarket mounts. These kits improve suspension geometry by reducing the control arm angles, thus improving ride quality, smoothing travel, and boosting off-road performance. 


  • Improved suspension geometry

  • Improved ride quality

  • Smooth, efficient travel


  • More expensive than comparable short-arm kits

  • May require alterations to the frame and chassis

  • May increase body roll on the street

Top Lift Kits

With a thorough understanding of lift kit styles, let’s discuss our expert’s top selections. We've carefully selected each of the following products, ensuring the best build quality, ride quality, and overall performance.

Best Leveling Kit: Tuff Country Leveling Kit

For leveling kits, we recommend the Tuff Country leveling spacer, offering between 1.75 and 2 inches of front lift via durable, precision-milled billet aluminum coil spacers.  

This kit is easy to install and reliable, featuring a vehicle-specific design and no-drill installation. If you plan to do little more than level your Jeep and go up a tire size or two, the Tuff Country Leveling Kit is tough to beat. 

Tuff Country leveling kits are proudly manufactured in the USA and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. 


  • Durable billet aluminum construction

  • Levels front-end with rear

  • Vehicle-specific fitment

  • Allows clearance for larger tires

  • Simple, no-drill installation

  • USA-made

  • Limited lifetime warranty

Best Basic Suspension Lift: Superlift 4" Basic Lift Kits

Superlift is a well-known name in the lift kit game, and it has been manufacturing high-quality lift kits since 1975. The company’s 4” Basic Lift Kits are one of our favorites on the market. They include high-end dual-rate coil springs, an adjustable track bar, extended tubular link arms, and everything else necessary for a bolt-on installation. 

Superlift 4” Basic Lift Kits offer exceptional on and off-road ride quality with your choice of FOX monotube of piggyback-style dampers. All Superlift lift kits are proudly manufactured in the USA and come backed by a limited lifetime warranty. 


  • Complete front and rear lift kit

  • Vehicle-specific fitment

  • Includes all required installation hardware

  • Available with FOX monotube or piggyback shocks

  • USA-made

  • Limited lifetime warranty

Best Coilover Suspension Lift: Fabtech 3" Coilover Lift Kits

Most Jeepers are familiar with the Fabtech name, and for good reason. The company specializes in premium lift systems for nearly all makes and models, including the JT Gladiator. The Fabtech 3” Coilover Lift Kit is just one of many systems offered by Fabtech, featuring exceptional ride quality and off-road performance via premium Dirt Logic coilovers, adjustable heim-link control arms, and your choice of rear monotube or piggyback dampers. 

Fabtech backs its 3” Coilover Lift Kits with a 5-year, 60,000-mile warranty. 


  • Provides room for larger wheels and tires

  • Complete pair of custom coilovers

  • Designed with high-quality components for durability

  • Includes mounting hardware

  • Sold as a complete front and rear kit

  • 5-year, 60,000-mile warranty

Best Long Arm Suspension Lift: Fabtech 5" Long Arm Lift Kits

If you’re after maximum ride quality and off-road performance, check out the Fabtech 5” Long Arm Lift Kit. This system replaces your Gladiator’s weak factory control arms with heavy-duty, extended lower 5-tn. link arms, offering exceptional durability. The lengthened control arms significantly improve off-road performance, allowing you to effortlessly navigate even the most challenging trails. 

Each kit includes everything necessary for installation and comes backed by a 5-year, 60,000-mile warranty. 


  • Adds room for large wheels and tires

  • Includes front and rear lower 5-tn. link arms

  • Built to meet experienced drivers' expectations

  • High-quality and durable kit components

  • Includes all necessary mounting hardware

  • Sold as a complete front and rear kit

  • 5-year, 60,000-mile warranty

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