Best Nerf Bars and Running Boards for 2022

Are you having a hard time getting in and out of your truck or SUV? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Even trucks without lift kits can be so tall that getting into the cab feels like climbing a hill, and getting out feels like base jumping. That’s why we’ve compiled the 10 best nerf bars and running boards available for your truck in 2022. With this guide, you’ll be able to choose a step that suits your style and makes getting in and out of your truck a breeze.

1. Ionic 3-Inch Black Nerf Bars

For many of our customers, getting an affordable, functional, no-frills nerf bar is their main objective while shopping. That’s why the Ionic 3-Inch Black Nerf Bar is one of our best-selling truck steps year after year. The nerf bar is made of steel with a gloss-black powder coat that fights rust and corrosion. Installation can be done in your driveway or garage with basic hand tools. Not a fan of the black finish? A polished stainless version is also available.

A gloss-black powder coat resists rust and corrosion.

No drilling required on most trucks.

2. AMP Research PowerStep

On the opposite end of the shopping spectrum you’ll find the AMP Research PowerStep. This 6-inch wide running board automatically deploys when you open your truck’s door and retracts when not in use. The big advantage here is that the board comes down much farther than traditional boards and bars, making it the best choice for customers who need maximum drop distance.

AMP PowerSteps drop down as much as 8 inches from the pinch weld.

Some wiring is required during installation.

3. Ionic 5-Inch Curved Black Nerf Bars

If you want nerf bar looks with the step width of a running board, the Ionic 5-Inch Curved Black Nerf Bars are a great choice for your truck. The 5-inch step features a textured surface, guaranteeing sure footing even in slippery conditions. The stainless steel construction is ideal for keeping rust and corrosion at bay. Also available with a polished stainless steel finish.

Step pads are located at each door on your truck.

The black powder coat construction looks sharp and resists rust.

4. APS 5-Inch Black Iboards

With a modern style heavily influenced by appearance of modern smart phones, it’s no wonder the 5-Inch Black Iboards from Auto Parts Specialists are some of our most popular running boards. However, these boards aren’t just about good looks: they also feature rust-resistant aluminum construction, a 5-inch wide step area, and no-drill installation on most vehicles. Choose from black or brushed aluminum finishes.

Aluminum construction is light, strong, and rust proof.

All brackets and hardware are included.

5. Ionic Pro Series 4-Inch Black Nerf Bars

If 3 inches seems insufficient and 5 seems a bit too wide, Ionic Pro Series 4-Inch Black Nerf Bars are just what you need. The bars are made of carbon steel with a black powder coat to defend against rust and corrosion from elements such as road salt and sea air. The hard plastic step pads provide a reliable slip-resistant surface no matter the weather. Choose from black or stainless steel.

Four-inch steps with a textured surface provide sure footing.

Capable of supporting up to 350 pounds.

6. N-Fab Nerf Step RS

The N-Fab Nerf Step RS combines N-Fab's fully-welded bracket design with a 5-inch wide step, giving it a rugged look and a weight capacity in excess of 400 pounds. The steps are attached to a 2-inch diameter steel bar and powder-coated to enhance corrosion resistance.

The Nerf Step RS features a 5-inch wide step area.

Installation takes less than an hour with basic hand tools.

7. Ionic 5-Inch Stainless Steel Nerf Bars

With a generous 5-inch step area and a lustrous, chrome-like polished finish, Ionic 5-Inch Stainless Steel Nerf Bars are an eye-catching addition to any pickup truck. A textured step pad is included at each door to provide plenty of traction regardless of weather conditions such as rain and snow. They're also available in black.

The bars feature welded end caps.

The N-Fab bar can support up to 350 pounds.

8. Steelcraft STX300 Running Boards

Steelcraft STX300 Running Boards feature a backing plate that runs the entire length of the cab, which means there’s no visible gap between the board and your truck. The unique styling of the board helps set your truck apart from others on the road and the textured surface area provides plenty of grip for securely entering and exiting your vehicle.

The boards require no drilling on most vehicles.

The STX300 has a distinct appearance.

9. ICI Magnum RT Steps

Trucks should look tough. Raptor knows this, which is why the Magnum RT Step features a rugged-looking design matched with heavy-duty construction. Each step uses non-slip diamond tread pads on a durable steel bar with an angled design that stands out from round and oval nerf designs. The black powder-coat finish means rust won’t ruin the look and performance of this off-road style truck step.

ICI Magnum RT Steps are made in the USA.

Cab length and wheel-to-wheel designs available.

10. Ionic Factory Style Running Boards

A no-nonsense running board, the Ionic Factory Style boards have everything you need in a running board at an affordable price. The aluminum frame is topped with a composite step that runs the length of the board, and the 6-inch width provides plenty of step area. This board is the ideal choice for customers on a budget who need a wide step.

The best value for a 6-inch wide running board.

No gap is left between the boards and your truck.

If you have questions about nerf bars or running boards, chat in or call our product experts.