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Truck Bras - Front-End Bumper Protection

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Bumper Bras for Trucks and Other Vehicles

Are you tired of finding fresh rock chips, nicks, and scuffs on your truck, Jeep, or SUV’s front bumper and hood? While flying debris is inevitable, especially kicked-up rocks on the highway, that’s not to say you can’t prevent these projectiles from damaging your paint! At RealTruck, we offer bumper bras for most makes and models, featuring a vehicle-specific fitment, durable vinyl construction, and simple no-drill installation on most applications!

Truck Bra Styles

We offer several front-end bra styles, each offering a different aesthetic and level of protection. Some of the most popular include: 

  • Sport Bras: These stylish bras combine aesthetics and practicality, protecting the front bumper and hood while highlighting the grille for a sleek, sporty appearance. 

  • Full-Coverage Bras: These bras are engineered for maximum protection, guarding the entire front bumper, grille, and hood against UV exposure, paint chips, and abrasions. 

T-Style Bras: T-style bras refer to the design on the hood protector, which resembles an inverted “T.” These bras offer comprehensive hood protection, further guarding against UV exposure, paint chips, and abrasions.

Truck Bra Variations

Aside from the fitment, truck bras come in a couple of different variations. 

  • Finish: Truck bras typically feature a sleek, grained finish and vinyl construction; however, some manufacturers offer alternative finishes, like faux carbon fiber and smooth, perforated vinyl for maximum water drainage. 

  • Single or Multi-Piece: While most bras come in multiple pieces, including separate hood and bumper protectors to make servicing the engine a breeze, others utilize a one-piece construction.

Truck Bra FAQs

Q: Can truck bras get wet? 

A: Yes! Most bras are manufactured from durable marine-grade vinyl, allowing them to be used in extreme weather conditions. This being said, we recommend removing and thoroughly drying your truck bra after every heavy rain. 

Q: Do truck bras ruin paint? 

A: While this is a common misconception, most likely linked to hard plastic bug guards, truck bras utilize a soft, non-abrasive backing to prevent any scuffs or swirl marks during normal driving conditions. However, we recommend removing the bra periodically to clean abrasive dirt and debris from the underside.