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National Fleet PC Series Van Ramp
From:  $4,922.06
Lund Bi-Fold Loading Ramp
Lund Bi-Fold Loading Ramps
From:  $225.30
National Fleet Light Plus Series Van Ramp
From:  $4,141.28
Cargo Ease Cargo Ramp
From:  $2,329.00
Duraloader Loading Ramp
Duraloader Folding Loading Ramps
From:  $279.99
Lund Loading Ramp Kit
Lund Loading Ramp Kit
From:  $45.21
National Fleet Light Series Van Ramp
From:  $2,325.18
MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Loading Ramp
From:  $1,449.99
 Link  LSW40  Loading Ramps
Link LWS40 Lightweight Series Loading Ramps
From:  $457.10
Link LB10 Side Step Mount Loading Ramp
Link LB10 Side Step Mount Loading Ramp
From:  $1,177.10
GEN-Y Aluminum Loading Ramps
GEN-Y Aluminum Loading Ramps
From:  $490.99
bROK TriFold Loading Ramp
From:  $204.99
MAD-RAMPS Snowmobile Add-On Kit
From:  $1,279.99
bROK One-Piece Loading Ramp
From:  $119.99
MAD-RAMPS Flatbed Add-On Kit
From:  $554.99
bROK Arched Centerfold Loading Ramp
From:  $189.99
bROK Centerfold Loading Ramp
From:  $124.99
bROK Loading Ramp Kit
From:  $42.99
MAD-RAMPS Loading Ramp Accessories
From:  $56.99
Raceramps Rr 30
Race Ramps Vehicle Ramps
From:  $120.65
bROK One-Piece Arched Loading Ramp
From:  $149.99
Blw Afp 9012 2
Black Widow Aluminum Ramps
From:  $249.99
Blm Tf 6060 Ez
Black Widow Big Boy EZ Rider Ramps
From:  $384.99
Hdr 02 12 072 046 S
HD Ramps Aluminum Car Trailer Ramps
From:  $499.99
Hdr 05 15 094 06 P
HD Ramps EZ Traction Car Trailer Ramps
From:  $634.99
Bw Hyd Lift Ramp 3
Black Widow Hydraulic Underbody Access Car Lift With Ramp
From:  $1,212.50
Hdr 08 15 072 05 S 1
HD Ramps Heavy Equipment Ramps
From:  $2,119.99

How to Choose the Right Loading Ramp for Your Truck

A good loading ramp can save you from loads of hassle, injuries, and damage while loading cargo into your truck’s bed or cargo van’s cabin. However, there are several ramp styles on the market with each serving a specific purpose. When making a purchase, it’s essential to know which of the basic styles best suits your needs, including two-piece ATV/UTV ramps, foldable, one-piece, arched, van-specific, and more. 

Check out some of the most popular styles below, including their characteristics and intended uses. 

Folding Truck Ramps

Folding truck ramps are rugged, easy to use, and highly portable. This style of loading ramp is constructed from two–three hinged segments that fold into a compact package when not in use for easy transportation and storage. Most folding truck ramps feature a heavy-duty aluminum construction that’s both lightweight and durable, withstanding everything from ATVs to riding lawn mowers and everything in between!   

Arched Loading Ramps

Arched loading ramps, while featuring similar aluminum constructions to conventional straight ramps, feature a subtle curvature or “arch” along the length of the deck. This arch helps to prevent ATVs, UTVs, riding mowers, and other wheeled cargo with minimal ground clearance from bottoming out towards the top of the ramp. 

Heavy-Duty Aluminum and Steel Ramps

While some loading ramps are manufactured from lighter-grade materials like wood and composites, most feature heavy-duty alloys like steel and aluminum. Alloy ramps are ideal for most applications, particularly UTVs, ATVs, dirtbikes, and other sizable cargo. One-piece van ramps are also typically constructed from aluminum, allowing them to support bulky appliances, tool carts, etc.  

While aluminum and steel are both durable, it’s important to note that aluminum ramps are considerably lighter and easier to transport/maneuver than comparable steel ramps. 

What Size Ramp Do I Need for My Truck? 

When weighing ramp dimensions, you'll need to select a loading ramp that’s best suited for your particular vehicle and cargo; however, this choice isn’t as simple as buying a truck ramp for a pickup or a van ramp for a cargo van. Width-wise, it’s vital to purchase a ramp that’s wide enough for your cargo. For lawnmowers, ATVs, or UTVs, ensure the ramp is considerably wider than your cargo’s track width. 

Regarding length, it’s important to purchase a ramp that maintains an ideal slope angle when positioned on the tailgate. Put simply: the longer the ramp, the more gradual the slope. Additionally, the taller your vehicle, the longer your ramps must be to maintain a proper angle. For example, a lifted full-size pickup should use significantly longer ramps than a stock-height mid-size.