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Hit the Road with an Upgraded Trailer Hitch!

Upgrading your truck’s trailer hitch is a worthwhile investment for the avid hauler, allowing better stability of your trailer, increased strength and durability, and enhanced safety while towing!

RealTruck offers a wide inventory of trailer hitches, including several brands, styles, and classes. Unsure which hitch will best suit your needs? Reach out to the experts at RealTruck

Types of Trailer Hitches for Trucks

There are several styles of trailer hitch for trucks, beyond the standard tow-behind, rear-bumper-mounted hitch receiver used to tow small cargo trailers and lightweight travel trailers. Check out some of the most popular alternative varieties below! 

Fifth Wheel Hitches

Fifth-wheel hitches are a bed-mounted variety used to tow large, heavy fifth-wheel trailers. These hitches offer exceptional strength, durability, and maneuverability, allowing for better control over your trailer while towing and parking. Fifth-wheel hitches distribute weight over the rear axle rather than behind it, thus improving towing properties and reducing strain on your vehicle’s rear suspension. 

While fifth-wheel hitches offer several benefits over conventional hitch receivers, they also require modifications like cutting and drilling into the bed and welding/bolting brackets to the frame rails. 

Gooseneck Hitches

Similar to the fifth wheel hitches are gooseneck hitch

–a bed-mounted, heavy-duty hitch designed for extreme loads and improved maneuverability. Gooseneck hitches are often used to tow cargo trailers, horse trailers, and other oversized trailers; they can also use adapters to accept standard fifth-wheel trailers!

However, like fifth-wheel hitches, gooseneck hitches require modifications to your vehicle's bed and chassis.

Front Hitches

Front hitches are another common hitch variety, installed at the front of your pickup rather than the rear. These hitches can be used to mount particular accessories, maneuver trailers into tight parking spaces, and more! However, they typically have a lower weight rating than conventional hitch receivers.