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KC HiLiTES Pro6 50" Roof Mount LED Light Bar
KC HiLiTES Pro6 50" Roof Mount LED Light Bar
From:  $2,073.99
Oracle 5885 001 2
Oracle Flush Mount Front Bumper LED Light Bar
From:  $424.80
Baja 447657Up
Baja Designs LED Light Bar Bumper Kits
From:  $660.95
Diode Dd6802
Diode Dynamics SS5 CrossLink Windshield Light Bar Kit
From:  $1,700.00
Havoc Hfb 01 001
Havoc Offroad 20" Single Row Light Bar with DRL
From:  $169.99
Baja 447769
Baja Designs Grill Light Kits
From:  $568.95
Havoc Black-Out Series 20" LED Light Bar
From:  $239.99
Baja Designs 447750
Baja Designs XL Custom Linkable Bumper Light Bar Kit
From:  $1,460.95
Rigid 46724
RIGID Industries LED Light Bar Roof Mount Kit
From:  $1,235.99
Race Sport Blacked Out Roof Mount 54" LED Light Bar Kit
From:  $579.99
SmittyBilt XRC Light Bar Mount
SmittyBilt XRC Light Bar
From:  $249.99
Oracle 5888 023 Mf
Oracle Windshield LED Light Bar
From:  $941.36
Rough Country 70656
Rough Country LED Bumper Mount Kits
From:  $129.95
Mpower Rtl Enfwb00003
MPower Interior LED Light Bar
From:  $809.99
Cali Raised 39302138331178 6
Cali Raised LED Bumper Mount
From:  $74.99
Race Sport Blacked Out Roof Mount 50" LED Light Bar Kit
From:  $139.99
Rugged Ridge Bumper Light Bar Kits
Rugged Ridge Bumper Light Bar Kit
From:  $89.99
Havoc Hfb 01 002
Havoc Offroad 40" Single Row Light Bar with DRL
From:  $279.99
Rc 70530Bldrl
Rough Country LED Grill Mount Kit
From:  $149.95
Vision X LED Light Bar Hood Mount Kits
Vision X LED Light Bar Hood Mount Kit
From:  $84.00
Rugged Ridge Hood Light Bars
Rugged Ridge Hood Mounted Light Bars
From:  $89.99
Grh 750152013Css
10% OFF
Go Rhino Xplor Bright Series 20" Single Row LED Light Bar
From:  $161.95$179.95
Race Sport Jeep Wrangler 10" LED Light Bar
From:  $174.99
Grh 750723213Css
10% OFF
Go Rhino Xplor Bright Series 30" Single Row LED Light Bar
From:  $206.95$229.95
Race Sport Jeep Wrangler 20" LED Light Bar
From:  $219.99
Zroadz Z934931 Kit2Aw 2
ZROADZ Multi-LED Roof Cross Bar
From:  $244.50
Rc 70053
Rough Country Jeep Hood Mount LED Light Bar Kit
From:  $249.95
Race Sport Jeep Wrangler Blacked Out Series Dual Row 20" LED Light Bar
From:  $249.99
Grh 751202113Cds
10% OFF
Go Rhino Xplor Bright Series 20" Double Row LED Light Bar
From:  $251.95$279.95
Rc 70064
Rough Country Windshield LED Mount Kit
From:  $274.95

Does your Truck, Jeep, or SUV suffer from lackluster visibility in low-light conditions? RealTruck offers the largest selection of LED light bars to significantly boost light output, making navigating dark trails and dimly lit back roads a breeze! 

From simple single-row LED bars to dual-row and modular variants, RealTruck has you covered. For more information on LED light bars, check out the following articles, available on RealSource

For additional inquiries or assistance with placing an order, contact our knowledgeable sales team, available 7 days a week. 

Why Should You Install an LED Light Bar? 

LEDs are some of the most efficient lights on the market, producing loads of output while drawing minimal power. LED light bars capitalize on this technology, stringing together multiple LED chips in a single housing. The resulting light significantly outperforms halogens and other incandescent bulbs while using approximately 80 percent less energy; pretty impressive, right? 

So in reality, the question isn’t why should you install an LED light bar, it’s why wouldn’t you.

Styles of LED Light Bar


Slim, bright, and highly efficient; featuring a single row of LED chips in high-output reflector buckets.


Potent performance with a slightly taller profile; featuring two layered rows of LED chips in high-output reflector buckets. 


Exceptional output and unforgettable styling; modular LED bars chain together several independent lights, allowing you to customize dimensions, output, and more!