How to Install an LED Light Bar

Updated on Jul 24, 2023

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 RealTruck Expert Team

Adding an LED light bar to your truck or Jeep lets you see more of your surroundings while off-roading in low-light conditions. If you’re thinking of upgrading your truck with an LED light bar, you may have concerns about the difficulty of installation. While some minor wiring is involved, installing an LED light bar is relatively easy and, with a few simple tools, you can install it yourself to save time and money.

Tools and Supplies Required

  • Wrench and socket set

  • Wire cutters

  • Electric tape

  • Wire loom (optional)

    If you have questions about LED light bars, chat or call our product experts.

Step 1: Attach Brackets

Fasten your brackets of choice to the light bar. Leave the brackets a little loose so you can make adjustments later.

Step 2: Attach LED Light Bar to Vehicle

With the brackets installed, attach the LED light bar to your mounting area of choice. Once positioned properly, tighten the bracket hardware down.

Step 3: Inspect Wiring Harness

Lay out the components of your wiring harness. Make sure there is no fuse inside the fuse holder before moving on.

Step 4: Disconnect Battery

Remove the negative and positive leads from your battery in that order. Secure them out of the way while you continue installation.

Step 5: Lay Out Harness

Lay the power and ground wire portions of the harness near the battery. Place any switch wires near the driver’s side firewall. Route the exposed ends of the power and ground wires toward your LED light bar.

Step 6: Attach Harness to Light Bar

Using butt connectors or solder, attach the wiring harness to the exposed wires on the LED light bar. In most cases, you’ll simply need to match the wires by color.

Step 7: Heat Shrink

If you use butt connectors, make sure you heat shrink them to ensure a good connection and to improve weather resistance. Wrap the connected area in electrical tape.

Step 8: Run Switch Wires

To run the switch wires into your cab, locate the wire grommet in the firewall. Remove it and cut a slit with a utility knife to feed the wires through the slit. Replace the grommet in the firewall.

Step 9: Reconnect Battery and Connect Power Leads

Reconnect your battery to the vehicle and attach the power and ground leads from the wiring harness to the battery’s positive and negative terminals respectively.

Step 10: Insert Fuse

Insert a fuse with the appropriate amperage into the harness fuse holder. Refer to your light bar and harness’s instructions to ensure you use the correct fuse.

Step 11: Secure Wiring

With all the wiring complete, secure the wires so they don’t hang loose and interfere with other vehicle components. Zip ties are a popular method of fastening the wires to a fixed location.

Step 12: Test LED Light

Turn the LED light on to make sure it’s functioning properly.

If you have questions about LED light bars, chat or call our product experts.

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