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Truck Caps & Camper Shells

Truck Caps & Camper Shells

Camper shells and truck caps are popular bed cover options. They protect cargo and provide a large, covered, locking storage area for everything from camp gear to a temporary campsite. 

Camper shells and truck bed toppers are typically manufactured from durable materials like fiberglass, aluminum, steel, canvas, vinyl, and auto-grade glass, forming a rugged covering to protect your pickup’s bed from thieves, moisture, and more. With a premium topper, your cargo has never been more secure.

Durable Features of Camper Shells and Truck Bed Toppers

Camper shells and truck bed toppers are perfect for the routine adventurer, operating as everything from gear storage to a makeshift tent. Durable materials make for a secure and heavily protected makeshift structure, keeping you dry, off the ground, and safe from two and four-legged threats. 

Even canvas toppers are a secure and durable alternative—they feature mold and mildew resistance, sealed seams, industrial-strength thread, and sealed vinyl windows to withstand harsh weather and temperatures.

Camping Convenience

Keep your gear, sleeping area, and supplies in one central location without ever moving them from your truck. Camper shells and truck bed toppers require zero setup once you’ve arrived at your campsite—simply drop the tailgate, crack the windows, and your temporary home awaits. 

And if you want to sleep under the stars, most soft toppers can even be folded flush against your truck’s bulkhead for a full view of the night sky.

Top Truck Caps & Camper Shells

Check out some of our top-recommended products, hand-selected by our knowledgeable staff.

Top Temporary Coverage: FLATED Air-Topper CAP Inflatable Truck Topper

Why we love it: 

  • Inflatable camper shell

  • Two-chamber construction

  • Privacy-tinted rear window

  • Removable clear cab window for use as a cab pass-through

  • Lightweight drop-stitch construction for rigidness

  • Military-grade PVC-coated material

  • 6 attachment points to keep it secure to the truck rails

  • Three mesh organizing pockets on the inside to store gear and supplies

  • Includes high-pressure hand pump and carry bag

  • An electric pump can be purchased separately

Why we love it: 

  • Available in multiple heights

  • .063 diamond plate aluminum exterior skin

  • Full-length side doors

  • Welded aluminum frame

  • Folding T-handles

  • Made in America

  • 3-year warranty