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Lowering Kits

Looking to modify your ride’s stance without making it difficult to climb into, navigate parking garages, and squeeze into your garage? Then consider a high-quality lowering kit from RealTruck! We offer a wide inventory of lowering kits, allowing you to fine-tune your truck’s stance and ride quality. 

Unsure which lowering kit will best suit your needs? Reach out to our knowledgeable sales staff, available 7 days a week to answer all of your product inquiries and assist with order placements.

What is a Lowering Kit?

Lowering kits, like lift kits, are modified suspension systems; however, unlike lift kits, lowering kits are engineered to lower your vehicle’s ride height. Offered in various sizes, lowering kits can range from a mild rear drop shackle to 6-inches or more! 

Why Lower Your Ride? 


Like lift kits and leveling kits, lowering kits are primarily installed for aesthetic purposes. Lowering kits bring your ride closer to the ground, minimizing wheel gap and making for a tough, sporty appearance. Especially when paired with oversized wheels and low-profile tires, a lowering kit will set your truck apart from the crowd!


As with any modified suspension, performance is key. Lowering kits traditionally improve on-road performance due to lowering the center of gravity and including stiffer dampers/springs. These qualities allow your ride to better handle tight corners and windy roads without excessive body roll. 


Often overlooked but just as important is functionality. While you won’t win any off-roading competitions in a lowered truck, you’ll certainly have an edge over lifted rigs on the street! With a low ride height, you’ll be able to easily navigate low parking garages and drive-thrus. And with your ride’s newly lost ride height, loading cargo in the bed will have never been easier!