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CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors
From:  $38.47
SPEC-D Towing Mirrors
30% OFF
SPEC-D Towing Mirrors
From:  $102.19$145.99
Trail Ridge Towing Mirrors
From:  $83.13
K Source Snap-On Custom Towing Mirrors
K Source Snap-On Custom Towing Mirrors
From:  $75.99
K Source OEM Style Towing Mirrors
K Source OEM Style Towing Mirrors
From:  $113.99
CIPA Extendable Towing Mirrors
From:  $332.99
Vision System Blind Spot Camera System
K Source Vision System Blind Spot Camera System
From:  $1,209.99
K Source Universal Towing Mirrors
K Source Universal Towing Mirrors
From:  $39.99
CIPA Universal Fit Towing Mirrors
From:  $27.81
CIPA Universal Truck and Van Mirrors
From:  $32.09

Why Should You Add Tow Mirrors to Your Truck? 

Whether you regularly tow, haul, or wish to increase the range of vision from your vehicle’s factory side-view mirrors, consider a set of premium tow mirrors from RealTruck! Tow mirrors are a worthwhile investment for any pickup or SUV, bolstering visibility with wide extensions, oversized mirror heads, and integrated blind-spot mirrors. 

There are several benefits of improving your range of vision, namely safety. Especially when towing a trailer, the ability to keep an eye on your entire vehicle makes merging and changing lanes far less dangerous. Tow mirrors also typically feature oversized, convex blind-spot mirrors that virtually eliminate areas of compromised visibility, preventing collisions with other drivers. 

Tow Mirror Options

At RealTruck, we carry a wide selection of tow mirrors, including several styles and mounting options. 

Custom Vs. Universal

Regarding fitment for add-on tow mirrors, there are two key differentiations: custom and universal fitments. Custom fitments, like CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors, are vehicle-specific, featuring precision molding to fit your unique application. These mirrors offer a factory-style fitment and secure mounting, ensuring a premium experience. 

On the other end of the spectrum are universal-fit tow mirrors, like K-Source Universal Towing Mirrors, engineered to fit nearly all mirror heads from various manufacturers. These mirrors utilize straps and clips to fasten to your vehicle’s factory mirror heads; while not the sleekest products on the market, they get the job done. You can also swap them between numerous vehicles if necessary. 

Mirror Add-On Vs. Full Replacement

There are two primary tow mirror mounting styles: add-on and full-replacement. Add-on mirrors, like K-Source Universal Towing Mirrors, mount to your vehicle's existing mirror head when necessary. Whenever you’re through towing, pop off the clips or straps and store them until the next use! 

Full-replacement tow mirrors, like K-Source OEM-Style Towing Mirrors, are installed in place of your vehicle’s factory paddle or sport-style mirrors, providing a large, often extendable mirror. Full-replacement mirrors remain installed, whether towing or not, providing exceptional visibility and rugged styling at all times. 


Finally, we have specialty tow mirrors, like the blind-spot-monitoring K Source Vision System Blind Spot Camera System. These tow mirrors include integrated blind-spot monitors and turn signals, improving visibility and functionality! 

Top Tow Mirror Brands

We carry all the top tow mirror brands at Realtruck, including: 

CIPA: A popular manufacturer specializing in universal, add-on, and full-replacement towing mirrors. 

Spec-D: A budget-minded manufacturer specializing in affordable, full-replacement tow mirrors.  

K Source: The do-it-all tow mirror manufacturer! K Source offers a wide assortment of towing mirrors for your vehicle, including OEM-style full-replacements, universal-fit add-on mirrors, custom-fit add-on mirrors, and technology-packed specialty mirrors! 

Trail Ridge: Offering premium, OEM-style full-replacement tow mirrors for various applications.