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Types of Van Racks

At RealTruck, we offer a wide selection of van rack systems, bolstering cargo capacity to get your gear, tools, and supplies wherever they need to go, whether at a campsite, job site, or back home! Van racks come in several shapes and sizes, ranging from simple minivan crossbar systems to heavy-duty, commercial-grade racks for work rigs.

Van Rack Styles

  • Minivan Racks: We carry minivan racks tailored to your make and model to ensure a contoured fit. Our minivan racks, like the TracRac ES Van Rack, attach to the roof of your vehicle, opening up hauling options you wouldn’t have otherwise while freeing up the interior. 

  • Contractor Racks: Contractor van racks, like the Buyers 600 Series Van Rack, are ideal for commercial use. These heavy-duty racks work as hard as you do, featuring rugged constructions and durable build quality. We understand that every consumer’s needs change from day to day, so we carry various contractor racks, with some featuring weight capacities of up to 1,000 pounds!

  • Ladder Racks: Need room to transport oversized cargo, like extension ladders? Then consider our selection of professional-grade ladder racks, like the WEATHER GUARD Drop Down Van Ladder Rack! Ladder racks hold your ladders and other oversized items securely, ensuring your valuable tools make it to their destination. 

  • All-Purpose Racks: If you plan to use your van to haul all sorts of gear and accessories, like tents, skis, snowboards, and other oversized cargo, consider a general/all-purpose rack system, like the WEATHER GUARD All-Purpose Van Rack

  • Base Racks: We also offer traditional base rack systems, including crossbars, base mounts, and footpads. Base racks, like the Vantech J1000 Van Rack, are ideal for light-duty hauling.

Access Points

Racks also come in several access points, including stationary racks, which require you to climb or reach upward to access your cargo, or drop-down racks, like the Kargo Master Drop Down Van Ladder Rack. Drop-down racks offer far easier access to your cargo, folding downward to load ladders and other oversized cargo easier.

Van Rack Materials

Racks also come in various materials, determining the overall weight, durability, and corrosion resistance. Popular materials include aluminum, which is lightweight, sturdy, and corrosion-resistant, and carbon steel, which is exceptionally durable, though heavy, and lacks corrosion resistance unless adequately coated. 

For light-duty use, we recommend aluminum rack systems; however, contractors will likely benefit from the increased durability of a heavy-duty steel van rack.

Van Rack Benefits

Van racks offer several advantages over other storage solutions, like van shelving. The most notable include:

  • Bolster Cargo Space: Rather than simply optimizing existing cargo space, van racks utilize an entirely new cargo area: the roof! By doing so, van racks free up more space inside the vehicle by moving oversized cargo on the roof of your van.

  • Save Time: Van racks allow you to increase productivity by decreasing the time you and your workers spend loading and unloading oversized cargo, like ladders. 

  • Keep Your Cargo Safe: Oversized items like ladders aren’t just pricey; they are essential tools for your business! Keep these items securely fastened to your van during transport with a premium van rack. 

  • Avoid Dents and Scratches: Storing items on a rack helps to minimize the risk of scratches, dents, and dings while loading cargo, keeping your van tidy and presentable.

Selecting a Van Rack

Before ordering a rack system for your van, you’ll need to consider a few variables. These include: 

  • Your van’s model and variant

  • Your unique cargo handling needs

  • The average and the maximum weight you expect to haul

  • Your preferred rack access point

  • The rack system’s warranty

Contact our knowledgeable service staff for any questions or product inquiries. We’re available 7-days a week to ensure you order the right product for your ride!