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Winch Accessories & Parts

Winches are one of the most popular accessories for off-road rigs, aiding in the recovery of yourself and others! However, winches aren’t effective on their own. To get the most out of this valuable tool, you’ll need various accessories and attachments to ensure quick and hassle-free recoveries.

At RealTruck, we offer several accessories and add-ons for winches, including: 

  • Winch Covers: Durable neoprene or vinyl covers that protect your Winch’s spool, cable, and electronics from dirt, moisture, and UV exposure. 

  • Shackles: Shackles connect your winch rope/cable to various straps, snatch blocks, vehicles, and recovery points to ensure a safe and secure recovery. Shackles come in soft and D-Ring designs, with soft shackles featuring a rope construction that prevents abrasions and scuffs on painted and polished surfaces. D-Ring shackles are manufactured from heavy-duty iron or steel, which may rattle and cause surface abrasions. 

  • Winch Hooks: Winch hooks are an alternative to shackles, installed to the lead of your winch line. These alloy hooks typically feature an integrated spring-loaded clasp to prevent ropes, chains, and shackles from slipping through the open end of the hook. 

  • Snatch Blocks: Snatch blocks are a convenient addition to any recovery kit. These components act as a pulley for your winch line, redirecting the line and reducing friction to lessen the load placed on a winch during a recovery. 

  • Winch Cable Stopper: Winch cable stoppers are rubber or plastic bumpers installed just after your winch hook or shackle. These components prevent damage to your winch line, fairlead, or hawse from over-reeling your winch.

  • Wireless Winch Controllers: While most winches include a wired remote, these finicky components often wind up tangled in your recovery bag or within your front suspension. They also require you to be relatively close to your winch, which may prove dangerousduring a tricky recovery. Wireless winch controllers allow you to remain at a safe distance and eliminate tricky cords from your recovery bag.

  • Recovery and Tow Straps: Every off-road rig needs recovery and tow straps, allowing you to tie off your winch line to an anchor point, or receive a tow out of a tricky obstacle. 

  • Winch Line Dampeners: Winch line dampeners are an inexpensive and easy-to-use safety device that every off-roader should keep in their recovery bag. These items lay across your winch line, often filled with rocks for added weight. In the event of a broken winch line, hook, or shackle, winch line dampeners prevent the winch line from turning into a dangerous projectile!

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