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DiabloSport Reaper Stage 1 Performance Kit
From:  $574.95
Edge Stage 1 Performance Kit
From:  $824.95
aFe Scorcher Power Packages
aFe Scorcher Power Packages
From:  $799.00
Edge Stage 2 Performance Kit
From:  $1,225.95
Superchips PowerPaq Stage 1 Performance Kit
Superchips PowerPaq Stage 1 Performance Kit
From:  $526.95
TS-0223-1296_Turbosmart Kompact Blow-Off Valve
Turbosmart Kompact Blow-Off Valve
From:  $206.99
TS-0204-1101_Turbosmart Race Port Blow-Off Valve
Turbosmart Race Port Blow-Off Valve
From:  $18.44
TS-0203-1022_Turbosmart Universal Kompact Blow-Off Valve
Turbosmart Universal Kompact Blow-Off Valve
From:  $129.14
TS-0622-6212_Turbosmart Wastegate Actuator
Turbosmart Wastegate Actuator
From:  $156.82
TS-0701-2011_Turbosmart EGT Gauge
Turbosmart EGT Gauge
From:  $179.99
TS-0304-1005_Turbosmart Blow-Off Valve Controller Kit
Turbosmart Blow-Off Valve Controller Kit
From:  $191.42
TS-0215-1371_Turbosmart Supersonic Blow-Off Valve
Turbosmart Supersonic Blow-Off Valve
From:  $322.56
TS-0225-1001_Turbosmart EM Blow-Off Valve
Turbosmart EM Blow-Off Valve
From:  $332.96


Our performance packages combine air intakes, exhaust components, and performance programmers into a comprehensive kit that can add substantial horsepower and torque gains to your vehicle. Get everything you need in place, bolt it on, and reap the benefits of improved acceleration. Most of these packages include a performance monitor that allows you to keep tabs on multiple parameters of engine performance.