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Chrome Door Handles & Handle Covers

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AVS® Chrome Door Handle Covers
From:  $39.99
Trim Illusion Door Handle Covers
From:  $20.94
Putco Chrome Door Handle Covers
Putco Chrome Door Handle Covers
From:  $24.99
TFP Chrome and Stainless Steel Door Handle Covers
TFP Door Handle Covers
From:  $29.97
IPCW LED Door Handles
IPCW LED Door Handles
From:  $136.60
Rampage Door Handle
From:  $119.99

Chrome Door Handles & Handle Covers

Boost the exterior styling of your truck, Jeep, or SUV with a set of chrome door handles or door handle covers from RealTruck! These sleek, lustrous replacement handles and covers are the perfect solution for faded or oxidized OEM door handles, giving your pickup’s exterior a fresh lease on life! These products also complement additional chrome/billet accessories like bumpers, wheels, and more!

Considerations When Selecting Aftermarket Door Handles

While aftermarket door handles are a worthwhile addition to any ride, we recommend considering a few factors before making a purchase, ensuring a product that truly complements your vehicle.

Handle Type

First, let’s cover handle types. The two most common door handles or door handle accessories you’ll encounter are full replacement door handles or peel-and-stick covers. Complete replacement covers typically offer an improved fit and finish; however, they’re far more expensive and require an in-depth installation. Alternatively, we also offer stylish illuminated handles, like IPCW’s LED Door Handle replacements!

On the other hand, door handle covers offer a quick and easy installation with the pre-installed peel-and-stick adhesive. Installing door handle covers is as simple as cleaning and prepping the handle, removing the adhesive’s backing, and pressing the cover firmly into place to initiate a strong, semi-permanent bond.


Door handles and door handle covers are constructed from various materials, ranging from ABS plastic to durable billet aluminum.

  • ABS Plastic: ABS handles and covers are cost-effective, durable, and corrosion-resistant; however, chrome-plated plastic handles may crack and peel with age. 

  • Billet Aluminum: While billet aluminum handles are much more resistant to cracking, they’ll likely fade and tarnish without rigorous polishing and upkeep. 

  • Chrome-Plated Steel: Chrome-plated steel handles offer the best of both worlds: exceptional durability and minimum upkeep. This being said, any chipping or peeling of the chrome plating will expose the underlying steel to oxygen, promoting rust.


Door handles come in several distinct finishes, depending on your preferred aesthetics. The most common include:

  • Painted: Painted handles are typically matched to your vehicle’s paint code, resulting in a sleek, OE-like aesthetic. They feature an automotive-grade paint finish that, if properly cleaned and maintained, can last for years! 

  • Chrome: Chrome handles are highly corrosion-resistant and durable, whether applied over ABS plastic, steel, or even aluminum. This lustrous finish requires zero upkeep aside from routine washing. 

  • Polished: While polished handles are often mistaken for chrome-plated, the finish is far different. Chrome-plated handles feature a thin layer of chromium electroplated onto the underlying metal, while polished handles are, as the name suggests, sanded smooth and polished! 

  • Matte Black: Matte black door handles or covers either feature a textured raw finish or a stealthy matte paint finish; in either case, the finish is reminiscent of your vehicle’s factory plastics, blending perfectly with existing trim. 

  • Specialty: Finally, we have specialty designs, like the American Brother’s Designs Camo Door Handles. These handles feature a striking printed design that’s sure to pop on any application!