How Are American Force Wheels Made?

In the world of aftermarket truck wheels, American Force often stands out with its ornate spoke designs, huge diameters, and deep dish rims. Customers often ask us what sets American Force apart from other truck wheel brands. In this guide we’ll explain the manufacturing process used by American Force and the company’s business philosophy.

Forged Wheels

Four trucks with American Force wheels in red, polished, black, and turquoise.
Black American Force wheel on a Chevy Silverado 2500 Denali.
Silverado with American Force dually rims.

First and foremost, American Force only makes forged wheels. Forged wheels are created by milling a round bar of forged aluminum in a CNC machine. Less material is required to create wheels via the forging process, resulting in a lighter product than comparable cast wheels. Forged wheels are also stronger than their cast counterparts, which means forged wheels can be made in larger sizes that cast wheels can’t support. Forged wheels do tend to carry a higher price tag than cast wheels due to the expense of the forging process. However, they provide greater long-term value thanks to their superior structural integrity.

Made To Order

Chevy Silverado with blue American Force wheels.
Making an American Force wheel.
Ford Super Duty with black and purple American Force wheels.

If you’ve been shopping for American Force wheels, you may have noticed that they can’t be found in stock and ready to ship anywhere. This is because the company doesn’t keep any stock. Instead, when you order a set of American Force wheels they are built to order using precise CNC machining, ensuring that you get exactly what you ordered. While it’s true that this means receiving your wheels will take a few weeks, it also means you’re getting an almost bespoke set of rims that are sure to be the envy of every truck you pass. 

If you have more questions about American Force wheels, chat or call our product experts.