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2017 Ram Truck 2500 Hitch and Towing Ball Mounts

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GEN-Y GoosePuck
GEN-Y GoosePuck
From:  $496.99
Weigh Safe Adjustable 180 Ball Mount
From:  $219.00
B&W Tow & Stow Adjustable Ball Mount
From:  $239.00
Weigh Safe Adjustable Ball Mount
From:  $299.00
7215 Gh 1916 Updated
GEN-Y Drop Hitch
From:  $208.99
7219 Gh 1815 Updated
GEN-Y Rubber Torsion Flex Hitch
From:  $630.99
B&W Tow & Stow Pintle Hitch
From:  $349.00
Curt Ready Tow Ball Mounts
Curt Ready Tow Ball Mounts
From:  $50.44
Curt Rebellion Ball Mounts
From:  $449.95
Curt Pintle Hook
Curt Pintle Hook
From:  $93.05
Curt Multi-Ball Mount
Curt Multi-Ball Mount
From:  $68.03
Curt Adjustable Ball Mounts
Curt Adjustable Ball Mounts
From:  $109.98
Shocker Hitch Ball Mount Towing System
From:  $520.00
Curt Ball Mounts
Curt Ball Mounts
From:  $29.57
Buyers Combination Hitch
Buyers Combination Hitch
From:  $105.89
GEN-Y Phantom Drop Hitch
GEN-Y Phantom Drop Hitch
From:  $285.99
B&W Heavy Duty Ball Mount
From:  $55.00
Shocker Hitch HD Max Black 16K Air Bag Receiver Hitch
Shocker Hitch HD Max Black 16K Air Bag Receiver Hitch
From:  $749.99
Blue Ox Adjustable Ball Mounts
From:  $174.90
GEN-Y Rebel X Tactical Series Drop Hitch
GEN-Y Phantom X Tactical Series Drop Hitch
From:  $104.99
Shocker Hitch Impact Cushioned Combo Ball Mount
From:  $439.99
GEN-Y Industries Rebel Economy Drop Hitch
GEN-Y Phantom Economy Drop Hitch
From:  $88.99
Weigh Safe Fixed Height Ball Mount
From:  $99.00
Trimax Razor Adjustable Ball Mount
Trimax Adjustable Ball Mount
From:  $31.51
Curt SecureLatch Pintle Hitch
From:  $110.95
Monster Hooks Hitch Receivers
Monster Hooks Hitch Receivers
From:  $90.72
Curt Tow Hook Mount
Curt Tow Hook Mount
From:  $53.59
Curt Euro Ball Mounts
Curt Euro Ball Mounts
From:  $48.22
Curt Pintle Mount
Curt Pintle Mount
From:  $80.42
Curt Clevis Trailer Hitch Ball Mount
Curt Clevis Trailer Hitch Ball Mount
From:  $105.49

Ball Mounts

Are you in the market for a new ball mount for your pickup? Colloquially called ‘hitches,’ ball mounts connect your vehicle’s hitch receiver to a hitch ball, which then connects to the tongue of a tow-behind trailer!

You may be in the market for a new ball mount for several reasons. Whether you’re a new pickup owner, new to towing, or simply looking to upgrade, we carry all the top ball mount brands, models, and sizes, ensuring a product that suits your vehicle and trailer!

Ball Mount Options

Ball mounts come in several shapes, sizes, and styles, ensuring compatibility with every hitch receiver, ball receiver, and vehicle! The options you’ll typically encounter when shopping for Ball Mounts include: 

  • Height: Ball mounts come in several height configurations, including conventional straight ball mounts, drop ball mounts (ideal for lifted applications), and adjustable ball mounts, allowing you to raise and lower the height of the ball! 

  • Single or Multi-Ball: If you frequently tow multiple trailers with different ball sizes and don’t want an additional ball mount for every trailer, consider a multi-ball mount! These ball mounts include 2–3 alternate hitch ball sizes, allowing you to use the same ball mount for multiple trailers! 

  • Shank Size: Receiver hitches come in four standard sizes, determined by the hitch class. These include 1-¼”, 2”, 2-½”, and 3”. When shopping for a new ball mount, ensure the shank size matches your receiver size! 

  • Gross Weight Rating: Each ball mount comes rated for specific weight limits, including tongue weight and gross trailer rating. When shopping for a new ball mount, select a product that meets or exceeds the weight you’ll be towing. 

  • Construction: What’s your preferred construction? Ball mounts typically come manufactured from two materials: steel and aluminum. While steel is generally sturdier, aluminum is considerably lighter and more corrosion-resistant. As long as the mount’s rating meets the weight you plan to tow, either material is fine! 

  • Stowable or Fixed: Are you planning to leave your ball mount locked to your pickup full-time? If so, consider a stowable ball mount, allowing you to fold the bulk of the mount beneath the rear bumper to prevent bruised shins and banged-up knees!

Ball Mount Accessories and Resources

If you’re in the market for a new ball mount, don’t forget to check out our related towing accessories, like hitch receivers, hitch balls, hitch pins, and locks!  

And don’t forget to stop by RealSource for all of your must-have towing information, like: