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Best Running Boards For 2020

Designed to give you a leg up into your truck cab, running boards run along the side of your truck and provide a step between the ground and the cab, making it easy to get into and out of your truck. These truck steps have a flat surface with non-slip step pads engineered for safety in all weather conditions. Running boards are application specific, meaning the board length and step pad location are a perfect fit for your vehicle. Most styles feature easy, drill-free installation, though some applications do require drilling for a secure fit. All running boards come with mounting brackets and hardware. Check out top-selling running boards for inspiration and personalized style.

1. Voyager Plus Running Boards

These wide 6-inch steps feature molded step pads engineered to be right where you need them. Whether stainless or black powder-coat finish, these straight steel boards look great on any truck. Stainless boards are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, while the black boards are backed by a five-year warranty.

2. Iron Cross HD Steps

Durable steel construction stands up to the elements, while an aluminum anti-slip tread plate provides sure footing in adverse conditions. Available in both cab and wheel-to-wheel lengths, they feature a textured gloss black powder-coat finish. Both cab and wheel-to-wheel lengths are backed by a five-year warranty.

3. Ionic Factory Style Running Boards

These classic factory style running boards have a 6-inch non-slip step area. A molded polymer surface over an aluminum frame provides durability and resistance to chipping and other damage. These Ionic boards are backed by a lifetime warranty.

4. APS 5-Inch IBoards

At 5 inches wide, these low-profile aluminum boards have a wide, non-slip step surface for secure footing. They're rust and UV-resistant, and they come with a one-year warranty. These 5-inch boards are available in black and brushed aluminum. Also available in a 4-inch and 6-inch black or brushed aluminum styles. APS IBoards are backed by a one-year warranty.

5. Ionic Brite Gladiator Running Boards

Made of aluminum with a 5-inch top surface, these boards feature a 4.5-inch non-slip rubber step pad for secure footing in any weather. Ionic boards are backed by a lifetime warranty.

6. Steelcraft STX600 Running Boards

Designed to take a beating, the 6.5-inch wide surface of these boards offers comfortable, safe traction in all conditions. Their E-coated carbon steel construction makes them rust and corrosion resistant, and they’re backed by a three-year warranty.

7. Iron Cross Patriot Running Boards

Available in both stainless and black versions, these Iron Cross Patriot running boards do more than just offer a 5-inch wide non-slip stepping surface for secure footing. A folded U.S. flag emblem is engraved on each board and represents the Folds of Honor Foundation. Purchasing these boards shows your support for our military families, and a portion of the proceeds goes to the Foundation, which helps support scholarships for military families. The black boards are backed by a five-year warranty, while the stainless boards are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

8. Ionic 41 Series Brite Running Boards

Made from polished, extruded aluminum, these boards look great and have a non-slip 5-inch step pad for secure footing. They’re backed by a lifetime warranty.

9. Ionic 61 Series Black Running Boards

At 5.5 inches wide, these boards feature rubberized step areas, aluminum construction, and a black powder-coated finish. Lightweight but strong, they’re backed by a lifetime warranty.

10. Ionic 51 Series Brite Running Boards

Get a classic OE style with these lightweight polished aluminum boards. For added safety, the 51 series features 6-inch wide non-slip step pads that are as wide as the board. They’re backed by a lifetime warranty.

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