Best Running Boards For 2022

Designed to give you a leg up into your cab, truck running boards run along the side of your truck and provide a step between the ground and the cab, making it easy to get into and out of your truck. These truck steps have a flat surface with non-slip step pads engineered for safety in all weather conditions. Running boards for trucks are application specific, meaning the board length and step pad location are a perfect fit for your vehicle. Most styles feature easy, drill-free installation, though some applications do require drilling for a secure fit. All running boards come with mounting brackets and hardware. Check out best truck running boards for 2022 and find your own personalized style.

1. Ionic 41 Series Brite Running Boards

These wide 5-inch steps feature a full-length, high-traction molded surface for sure footing in any weather. Also available in black, these polished aluminum boards look great on any truck. These running boards are backed by a lifetime warranty.

2. Steelcraft STX 300 Running Boards

Durable steel construction stands up to the elements, while injection-molded step pads provide sure footing in adverse conditions. With a distinct appearance and 4.5 inch step area, these running boards get the job done and look good doing it. STX 300 running boards come with a lifetime warranty.

3. Ionic Factory Style Running Boards

These classic factory style running boards have a 6-inch non-slip step area. A molded polymer surface over an aluminum frame provides durability and resistance to chipping and other damage. These Ionic boards are backed by a lifetime warranty.

4. APS 5-Inch IBoards

At 5 inches wide, these low-profile aluminum boards have a wide, non-slip step surface for secure footing. They're rust and UV-resistant, and they come with a one-year warranty. These 5-inch boards are available in black and brushed aluminum. Also available in a 4-inch and 6-inch black or brushed aluminum styles. APS IBoards are backed by a one-year warranty.

5. Go Rhino RB20 Running Boards

Built with the off-roader in mind, Go Rhino RB20 Running Boards feature plenty of ground clearance, 16-gauge steel construction, and a fully-welded boxed end design to prevent particulates from accumulating in the board. These running boards come with a five-year warranty.

6. Steelcraft STX600 Running Boards

Designed to take a beating, the 6.5-inch wide surface of these boards offers comfortable, safe traction in all conditions. Their E-coated carbon steel construction makes them rust and corrosion resistant, and they’re backed by a three-year warranty.

7. APS 4-Inch Black IBoards

Available in both black and polished aluminum versions, these 4-inch running boards from APS provide a modern look and 350 pounds worth of weight support. The boards are backed by a one-year warranty.

8. Ionic 41 Series Brite Running Boards

Made from polished, extruded aluminum, these boards look great and have a non-slip 5-inch step pad for secure footing. They’re backed by a lifetime warranty.

9. Dee Zee Rough Step Steel Running Boards

Featuring 12-gauge steel construction, a grated step surface, and a heavy-duty aesthetic, Dee Zee Rough Step Steel Running Boards are ideal for demanding truck owners who spend a lot of time off road or at the work site. The grated design drains dirt and water away while also providing unparalleled traction, even on tough work boots. The boards include a three-year warranty.

10. AMP Research Power Step

Representing the pinnacle of running board technology, AMP Research Power Steps come down automatically when you open your door and retract close to the body when the door is shut. This gives you the best of both worlds: plenty of ground clearance when not in use and a running board that comes down much farther than standard truck steps when deployed. The steps also boast an impressive 500-pound weight capacity. Power Steps come with a five-year/60,000 mile warranty.

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