Gear Up for Summer - Off-Road Adventures

Winter is gone and with summer coming up, it’s time to start planning what kind of off-road adventures you want to take on. Whether it’s rock crawling, desert running, or mud bogging, the right upgrades will make sure your truck can get in, get out, and get you home at the end of the day.

offroad bds-suspension
BDS Suspension Lift Kits

With the notable exceptions of the Ford Raptor and the Chevy Colorado ZR2, most trucks don’t come off the lot off-road ready. A lift kit from BDS gives your truck the ride height and enhanced suspension you need to safely navigate obstacles on the trail. Featuring premium components, BDS Lift Kits include everything you need to lift the front and rear of your truck and are among the most dependable, best-performing lifts on the market. Get up to 10 inches of increased ride height with a BDS Lift Kit.

KC HiLiTES C-Series LED Light Cubes

If you plan on staying off road after dark, auxiliary lighting becomes crucial to ensure that you can see as much of your environment as possible. With LED light cubes from KC HiLiTES, you’ll be able to illuminate your surroundings well beyond the capabilities of your truck’s headlights. Choose from spot and flood patterns to create the perfect lighting setup and see any obstacle off the road long after the sun goes down.


A dirty truck is just a fact of life when you spend a day out in the dirt, mud, and rocks, but keeping your bed free of debris is easy with a BAKFlip MX4. This matte-black aluminum cover folds shut at your tailgate, providing excellent security and weather protection for your gear while also keeping the elements out of your bed. Fold the cover up to your cab if you need to carry anything taller than your bed. Versatile and durable, this is one of the best tonneau covers for off-road enthusiasts.

BAKBox 2 Tonneau Toolbox

The perfect add-on to a BAKFlip or BAK Revolver tonneau cover, the BAKBox 2 Tonneau Toolbox is a collapsible truck tool box that’s there when you need it and gone when you need to haul large items. When in use, the box is 10 inches wide and 10 inches deep, capable of supporting up to 250 pounds worth of gear. It’s ideal for organizing small items that would otherwise take up room on the surface of the truck bed or in your cab. When it’s time to load up large items such as furniture, the BAKBox folds up against your truck’s bulkhead. If you have a BAKFlip or BAK Revolver tonneau cover, the BAKBox 2 should be on your list of truck upgrades.

UnderCover Swing Case Truck Bed Tool Box

The areas behind your truck’s wheel wells tend to be underutilized for storage, which makes the UnderCover Swing Case perfect for adding extra storage space to your truck bed. The Swing Case fits behind your wheel wells and is ideal for holding small items you don’t want rolling around in your bed. When you need to use the case, just swing it toward your tailgate for easy access. It can also be removed and used as a mobile carrying case. Whether you get a single swing case or a pair, you’ll go a long way toward maximizing your truck’s cargo capacity with the UnderCover Swing Case.

Iron Cross HD Push Bumpers

A stock bumper might get the job done on the road, but when you’re daring nature to do its worst, an aftermarket bumper becomes a key truck upgrade. Iron Cross HD front bumpers not only provide additional protection, they also make it easy to mount vital accessories like winches, light pods, shackles, and other recovery gear. Base, prerunner, and grille guard options are available up front to give you the look you want with the durability you need, while the rear bumper includes fully welded shackle mounts for multiple recovery options.

Smittybilt X2O Gen2 Winch

Even the most capable off-road rig gets stuck sometimes, and it’s times like that when you’ll be glad to have a Smittybilt Winch in your arsenal of recovery gear. Smittybilt offers winches rated up to 17,500 pounds with steel and synthetic rope options available. A three-stage planetary gear train ensures that these winches get the job done quickly and reliably. You’re never really stuck when you have a Smittybilt Winch on your truck.

If you have questions about these or any other truck upgrades, chat or call our product experts.