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Guard your pickup’s cargo against theft and extreme weather conditions with our selection of high-end, precision-fit tonneau covers! Compare brands, discuss fitments, and check out our expert’s top recommendations in the following guides!

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Tonneau Cover Information from Industry Experts

We don’t just sell tonneau covers at RealTruck; we also make them! Over the years, we’ve acquired such industry leaders as BAK Industries, Gator, Extang, TruXedo, and more, offering a market filled with top-quality products with the utmost protection and styling. 

Branding a product with the RealTruck name means it’s gone through some of the most rigorous research, development, and testing. Our tonneau covers are some of, if not the best in the business, guaranteed! See for yourself with a bed cover from one of our popular brands!

Choose the Best Truck Bed Cover for You

Tonneau covers come in countless materials, styles, and finishes. Don’t believe us? We offer bed covers in six different styles, including: 

  • Hard Folding: Modular tonneau covers with hard top panels.

  • Roll-Up: Tonneau covers featuring intuitive rolling operation.

  • Soft Folding: Modular tonneau covers with soft top panels.

  • Retractable: Tonneau covers that retract into bulkhead-mounted canisters. 

  • Painted: Tonneau covers featuring automotive-grade paint finishes, matching your vehicle’s factory paint code. 

  • One-Piece: Tonneau covers constructed from a single rigid piece of ABS plastic or fiberglass. 

And that’s not counting material, finish, and operational variations! With so many options available, selecting the right tonneau cover can be an ordeal. Fortunately, we offer several guides and resources on the topic, including: 

  • Tonneau Cover Comparisons

  • Vehicle-Specific Buyer’s Guides

  • Individual Product Reviews

  • Style Guides

  • Care and Maintenance Instructions

And more! Talk to RealTruck’s customer service experts via phone, email, or chat seven days a week!

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