How to Enjoy Thanksgiving with Your Truck

Updated on Jan 26, 2024

With Fall in full swing and Winter approaching, everyone’s gearing up for the busy Holiday season. However, depending on your area, these may be the last few weeks of decent weather until Spring, before the final red, orange, and yellow leaves drop from the trees in preparation for Winter snow and rainfall.

As we creep closer to November’s fourth Thursday (Thanksgiving Day), it’s time to enjoy the final days of Fall, and there’s no better tool to implement than your pickup! From Autumn camping trips to tailgates outside your home team’s stadium, we’re covering the best ways to incorporate your pickup into the holiday season.

Ways to Incorporate Your Pickup into the Holiday Season

The holidays are no cakewalk; while it is the happiest time of the year, that’s not to say the time from November to New Year's Day doesn’t bring about a great deal of stress! From hosting your family’s holiday gatherings to getting your time-off requests approved, making it through the end of the year can feel like a tremendous undertaking. 

To help mitigate some holiday stress, we recommend taking the truck out for a weekend adventure. But just how can you incorporate your pickup into the holiday season?


There’s nothing like a road trip to take your mind off the holiday rush, and there’s no roomier or more comfortable vehicle than your pickup! Most modern trucks have all the creature comforts of a luxury SUV or sedan, including cozy bucket seats, roomy interiors, and plenty of cargo space for a family’s worth of gear!

Whether you’re heading up to the mountains for a weekend getaway or cruising to the lake to cast a line, your pickup is the ideal vehicle to get you to and from your destination safely and in style.


Pull out the Coleman, throw on your jersey, and pack the cooler; it’s tailgating season! With football season in full swing, brighten up the crisp, overcast days with a hotdog, frosty beverage, and some of your best pals. Wherever you park, just drop the tailgate and gear up for the game. After all, it’s called tailgating for a reason!

At RealTruck, we offer all the accessories to make this year’s tailgating setup the best yet, including coolers, awnings, and more!


There’s no better way to experience Fall than an evening in the wilderness, watching the leaves change. While the weather may be too brisk and damp to pitch a tent in the mud, you’ll always have your truck’s bed

We offer a wide selection of truck bed tents and inflatable air mattresses to keep you dry and your sleeping bag off the cold ground. Rain or shine, we have the products to make for the perfect Fall camping trip.

Holiday-Inspired Parts and Accessories

This holiday season, it’s important to treat yourself and your pickup. If you’re in the market to treat your ride, check out our recommended parts and accessories to help get you through the holidays! 

Whether you’re loading up for a Fall getaway with your partner or packing up to visit your relatives this holiday season, you’ll need a dry, secure space to keep your luggage and valuables! Luckily, RealTruck carries a massive selection of high-end tonneau covers, offering outstanding security and weather resistance to keep your cargo in the bed safe and dry

Check out some of our staff’s picks!

What do camping, tailgating, and road-tripping for the holidays have in common? You’ll need a high-quality cooler to pack your food and drinks for each! At RealTruck, we offer several coolers and 12V fridges to keep your groceries cool for the long run, whether you’re outside your favorite stadium, in a tent beneath the stars, or back visiting your hometown!  

Check out some of our top-selling coolers and fridges!

With the weather taking a turn for the worst, you can never be too prepared on a camping trip or at the tailgate. Rather than take a chance on the weather, keep yourself and your gear safe and dry with our selection of tents and awnings! We offer various sizes and styles, including convenient truck bed tents and oversized batwing awnings to guard every side of your pickup’s bed. 

Check out some of our expert’s top-recommended tents and awnings for the Fall season!

If you’re traveling for the holidays, there’s nothing worse than spraining an ankle or throwing out your back clambering into your pickup's cab. Especially in wet, icy weather, consider investing in the safety and accessibility of a pair of high-end running boards from RealTruck! 

We offer a wide selection of nerf bars and running boards from all the leading manufacturers, including premium power-retractable running boards and cost-effective fixed-position truck steps. Regardless of your style and budget, we have the product for you!

Check out some of our top-selling nerf bars and running boards!

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