The Best Truck Camping Setups and Ideas

Updated on Feb 15, 2024

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The big weekend camping trip is just around the corner. From rooftop tents to hitch grills, RealTruck offers all of the camping accessories you need for the perfect getaway under the stars. Our RealTruck team curated the ultimate guide to what you should bring on your next adventure.

Different Truck Camping Methods

Regardless of your campsite, you most likely have a preferred method when it comes to your slumber. Depending on your build, you might benefit from a camper shell versus a full rooftop tent. We’ve outlined the different options to choose from but you can also check out these models from TAXA Campers.

Rooftop Tents

Already carrying a full load in your truck bed? Take things up top for your slumber under the stars with a rooftop tent. Opt for a tent that includes a memory foam mattress, allowing you to sleep up to two people in luxury. This type of tent accommodates most truck roof rack systems, attaching easily to turn your build into a 4-star hotel room. Browse RealTruck rooftop tents with aluminum frames, built-in awnings and more.

Truck Bed Tents

Have a little extra room in the bed of your truck? Save space and easily transform your truck bed into a place for the perfect night’s sleep without spending a pretty penny. This makeshift bed option typically comes with built-in storm flaps, allowing you to sleep dry and comfortable through those midnight rainstorms. Shop our variety of truck bed tents.


Even if you’re not taking shelter in your tent, having access to a shaded area throughout the day means cooler, more comfortable conditions for you and your fellow campers. This water, rust, and mold resistant coverage is a great option to give you protection from the elements while still you enjoy the great outdoors. Browse our selection of tents and awnings.

Truck Camping Build Accessories

Now that we’ve got your sleep and shelter setup in a solid spot, let’s talk camping extras. An essential of camping is the company of your family, friends, and fellow enthusiasts. Gear up to spend quality time and make memories with a couple of our favorite overnight additions:

Hitch Grills

Food makes every outdoor experience that much better, and these grills will cook 8-10 burgers to feed all the people in your party at one time. Thanks to additional accessories they have available, when the sun rises and the birds are chirping, you can fire up your Hitchfire grill and make picture perfect pancakes with delicious eggs, cooked just the way you make them at home. Ample cooking space is available to hold your utensils and dishes and when it comes down to it, it's a head-turning accessory that will likely spark a conversation or two. Browse our selection of hitch grills here.

Fire Pits

Gather around the fire to stay warm and tell a story or two. A portable fire pit is an absolute necessity for those evening wilderness adventures. From the ground to table top, you can choose exactly where you want the camping crew to gather. Enjoy that authentic campfire ambiance without all the smoke and smell. Check out our fire pit picks.

Truck Mattresses

Already have the tent but missing the bed? RealTruck offers a wide variety of mattress options to accommodate your existing sleep setup. Choose from memory foam to air-filled to suit your desired comfort level. All mattresses come with the proper maintenance attachments and accessories, having you sleeping tight in no time. Select from various sizes to best fit your truck’s made and model.

Storage Accessories

You’ve got the gear, now how to organize it? We’ve got all of the storage and organization options for your build from cargo bags and toolboxes to straps and sliding drawers. All of your camping essentials will have a home that will keep it safe and secure from any theft or outside elements during your weekend away. Get started by browsing RealTruck’s selection of truck storage accessories.

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