Best Truck Camping Accessories for 2023

When the hustle and bustle of civilization wears you down the great outdoors start sounding like a welcome respite. Camping, solo or as a family activity, is a favorite pastime of many truck owners; after all, you're not going to get to any of the good spots in a compact or sedan. To help you squeeze every drop of rest, relaxation, and fun out of your camping trip, we've assembled this list of the best truck accessories for camping.

Tepui Truck Tents

Unless you like getting cozy with creepy crawlers at night, a ground tent isn't always the best shelter solution for your camping adventures. Why not rise above the crowd with a Thule Tepui Ruggedized Kukenam Tent? Designed specifically for truck bed camping, these tents can sleep up to four occupants comfortably. Built in sky panels let you enjoy the night sky while mosquito netting prevents pests from entering your tent. A telescoping ladder is included for easy access.

Front Runner Slimline II Bed Rack

Whether you choose to use a truck-mounted tent or not, the Front Runner Slimline rack makes a great addition to any truck headed for the great outdoors. It's compatible with many tonneau covers that mount between your bed rails and can support up to 600 pounds of gear. Anything from fuel and water canisters to bikes and camping equipment can be safely stored here, freeing up room in your truck's bed.

RetraxONE XR Retractable Tonneau Cover

Installing a tonneau cover on your truck means your gear will be protected from the elements, which is a huge asset to any camping trip. The RetraxONE XR is ideal for campers with its secure, hard construction and channeled rails, which can be used to mount racks, tents, and other accessories. The unique Retrax design allows the cover to be locked in any position between open and closed, creating maximum versatility.

Husky Liners Gearbox Storage Boxes

Transform the area under your truck's rear seat into useful and organized storage with the Husky Liners GearBox Storage Box. These application-specific boxes fit perfectly under or behind the rear seat, providing a perfect place to store smaller items that you don't want to leave in the bed. The material is soft but impact resistant so it won't damage fragile items.

Optima Batteries

If you're taking an extended camping trip, a dependable power source is essential. Optima batteries use an AGM design to maximize durability, making them perfect for vehicles that travel off-road. This design also makes the battery less susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures. Upgrading your truck with an Optima battery will ensure that you get where you're going and back without the potential hassles created by traditional wet cell batteries.

If you have questions about these or any other truck accessories, chat or call our product experts.