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2023 Holiday Gift Guide

With the 2023 holiday season around the corner, it’s time to take care of your last-minute gift shopping. While picking out gifts for some characters in your life may be a breeze, selecting items for others (like your family’s resident gearhead) can be a serious undertaking.

What’s their build style? What are their favorite brands? What are their specs? With all these questions and more to consider, most gift givers resort to slipping a parts-store gift card under the tree. And while we gearheads can appreciate the funds for new wash mitts and cleaning products, there’s nothing quite like unwrapping a gleaming new part or accessory!

Shop by Activity

Ordering gifts for gearheads can be a challenge, regardless of whether or not you’re an auto enthusiast yourself! Every car guy/gal has a different idealized build optimized for their particular driving habits, aesthetic preferences, and build platform. For this reason, we’re separating our gift guide into various sections, with each serving a different breed of enthusiast.

Whether they are an outdoor adventurer or seasoned tailgater, we have the parts and accessories to appease the auto enthusiast in your life! In this guide, we’re keeping the majority of gifts within the 300-dollar range, ensuring the happiness of both your gift recipient and wallet!

Must-Have Upgrades

This year, leave the gift cards at the check-out counter; instead, check out our comprehensive holiday gift guide to ensure the auto enthusiasts in your life have a present to rip open this December! Everyone deserves a neatly wrapped gift during the holidays, and with the help of your friends and experts at RealTruck, you’ll know just what to order!


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