2019 Nissan Armada Exterior Truck Accessories


 Exterior Truck Accessories

While upgrades in the cab and under the hood are a must, nothing sets off your build like premium exterior accessories. Upgrading your truck, Jeep, or SUV’s exterior showcases not only your style but your personality! No matter your vehicle’s use, whether a daily driver, dedicated wheeler, tow rig, weekend cruiser, or work truck, RealTruck has the exterior accessories for you! We carry it all, from body protection to wheels and tires, bed racks, and more!

Gifts for the Exterior Accessorizer

For our first gift recipient, we’re looking at classic aesthetic accessories. If your resident gearhead has a knack for anything that boosts exterior styling and attracts compliments on the road or at the gas pump, this is the section for you! Here, we're covering some of our favorite gift ideas to boost exterior styling without breaking the bank! 

Aftermarket Tail Lights

While you may assume that all aftermarket tail lights cost an arm and a leg, that couldn’t be further from the truth! At RealTruck, we carry high-end, stylish automotive lighting from reputable manufacturers like Spec-D Tuning and Anzo. These products enhance aesthetics and visibility at a price that won’t break the bank, ranging from $75 to $300! 

Emblems and Badges

If you’re looking for more of a stocking stuffer, check out our selection of aftermarket emblems and badges! These products significantly enhance styling, whether you opt for illuminated and custom-colored factory-style emblems, like Recon Illuminated Fender Emblems, or premium automotive badges depicting a favorite sports team’s logos, like FanMats NBA Emblems!

Popular Exterior Accessories

At RealTruck, we carry every exterior accessory you could ever want or need! Check out some of our most popular categories below:

Exterior Protection

While some accessories are strictly aesthetic, others preserve your ride’s exterior finish and resale value! These categories provide excellent aesthetics and superior protection against rock chips, bug splatter, paint fading, and more!

  • Car Bras: These rugged, vinyl front-end protectors feature simple no-drill installations and sleek aesthetics. The soft-touch, marine-grade vinyl construction is moisture and UV resistant for superior longevity. Especially if you routinely drive on the highway, bras protect your ride’s hood, front bumper, and grille against rock chips and bug splatter, keeping the paint in tip-top shape! 

  • Car Covers: Are you looking to increase protection against harsh sunlight or extreme weather conditions? Then check out RealTruck’s selection of premium car covers! These covers help to prevent sun fading, oxidation, and paint contamination while parked outdoors, keeping your ride looking fresher for longer! 

  • Bug Shields: Protect your hood, windshield, and roof from bug splatter and rock chips with our selection of premium bug shields! These rugged ABS plastic or acrylic bug shields feature simple no-drill installations and come in several finishes, ranging from classic smoked to chrome and camouflage! 

  • Deflectors: Keep unwanted wind and precipitation out of your truck’s interior with high-quality deflectors! We carry in-channel and tape-on deflectors in various finishes to complement your ride. 

  • Mud Flaps: Guard your ride’s paint against unsightly rock chips, splatter, and road grime with our selection of rugged mud flaps! We offer universal and vehicle-specific kits for all makes and models. 

  • Bed Liners & Mats: Your bed needs love too! Bed liners and mats help to guard the inside of your truck’s bed against impacts and abrasions; they also offer such benefits as skid resistance, increased comfort, and improved aesthetics! 

  • Fender Flares: Increase tire coverage and styling with our wide selection of fender flares! We offer various styles and finishes, ensuring a product that best suits your ride. 

  • Wheel Well Liners: Keep excess road salt, dirt, and debris out of your truck’s inner fenders and off the chassis with RealTruck’s selection of rugged, impact-resistant wheel well liners! We offer bolt-on, vehicle-specific liners that guarantee a perfect fit and simple installation. 

  • Grille Guards & Bull Bars: Whether you’re mowing down brush or tired of finding fresh dents and scuffs on your bumpers from negligent drivers, our inventory of heavy-duty grille guards and bull bars are here to help! We offer several styles, materials, and finishes. 


Up next is accessibility accessories; these products serve a functional purpose–making your ride more usable and your life more enjoyable!

  • Nerf Bars & Running Boards: Regarding accessibility mods, nerf bars, running boards, and side steps are tough to beat. These accessories make climbing in and out of your ride a breeze, especially after installing a lift kit and oversized tires. We offer a wide selection of steps, from off-road-inspired nerf bars to power running boards! 

  • Side View Mirrors: Increase visibility with our aftermarket side view mirrors, including OE-style replacements and oversized towing mirrors, to better monitor your trailer. 

  • Back-Up Cameras: Keep an eye on your ride’s rear end with our back-up cameras, monitors, and sensors. Whether you’re looking to increase visibility while navigating tight parking lots or looking to hitch up a trailer without a spotter, we carry the system for you! 

  • Winches & Accessories: Don’t get caught on the trail without ample recovery gear; instead, check out our inventory of heavy-duty winches and recovery equipment! We offer everything you’ll need to pull yourself or others out of even the stickiest and trickiest obstacles. 

  • Lighting: Bolster your ride’s light output with our premium lighting upgrades, ranging from bolt-in headlight housings to premium LED off-road lights. 

  • Towing Equipment: Revamp your towing setup with towing equipment from RealTruck. We carry hitches, trailer brakes, ball mounts, and more!

Bed Storage

Bolster your ride’s cargo capacity and organization with our selection of storage-centric exterior upgrades and accessories. 

  • Racks & Carriers: Upgrade your pickup’s cargo capacity with our selection of racks and carriers! We offer all styles, including bed racks, headache racks, and ladder racks, to haul anything and everything. 

  • Bed Covers & Tonneau Covers: Protect your cargo against thieves and extreme weather conditions with a premium bed cover from RealTruck! We offer everything from budget-friendly roll-up soft covers to heavy-duty lockable hard covers!

Tool Boxes: Get your tools out of the cab and into a stylish, secure, and functional toolbox from RealTruck! We offer various styles, finishes, sizes, and constructions to suit any sized bed.


Even seemingly aesthetic upgrades have a purpose, aside from making your ride look better! 

  • Wheels & Tires: Shop our selection of wheels and tires to spruce up your ride’s aesthetics and traction. No matter the terrain, whether loose dirt, deep snow, or slippery pavement, we carry multiple tires to suit your needs. 

  • Bumpers: Did someone say “rugged?” At RealTruck, we carry all the top bumper brands and styles, bolstering impact resistance, styling, and providing mounts for various accessories. 

  • Tops: Whether you’re hunting for a breezy soft top or a weather-resistant hard top, RealTruck has you covered! We carry various styles of tops for Jeeps, Broncos, and more.

We also offer a wide selection of interior accessories, including storage solutions, upholstery protection, and more! 

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