2019 Nissan Armada Truck Mud Flaps & Splash Guards

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Why Should You Install Mud Flaps or Splash Guards? 

Mud Flaps are a worthwhile investment for any pickup, Jeep, or SUV, especially those sporting lift kits or oversized, low-offset wheels and knobby tires! These inexpensive and easy-to-install modifications help to protect your vehicle’s paint, the finish of your trailer, and even the paintwork of unsuspecting drivers from rock chips, kicked-up debris, and tire sling! 

Besides functionality, mud flaps are a stylish mod that gives your ride a premium appearance; most high-end trims even sport mud flaps and splash guards off the assembly line! Whether paint-matched or textured black, mud flaps add a touch of style and class to any vehicle.

Mud Flap Materials

Mud flaps are offered in several materials with each featuring unique benefits.

Rubber mud flaps are constructed from high-grade natural rubber or synthetic polymers, providing exceptional elasticity and impact resistance. Where other, more rigid materials may crack or dent, rubber mud flaps easily deflect rocks and other road debris. However, rubber mud flaps may degrade with age and repeated abuse, leading to cuts, tears, and punctures.

Plastic mud flaps are rigid and durable, offering mild elasticity and exceptional impact resistance. Unlike soft rubber, plastic mud flaps are often molded to match your vehicle's contours for a factory-style fitment. Plastic mud flaps are also the least expensive, saving money for paint-matching or other modifications!

Alloy mud flaps are the most durable of the three constructions, manufactured from aluminum, steel, or stainless steel. These rugged mud flaps guard against impacts and are minimally affected by extreme temperatures; however, they are prone to dings and scratches.

Universal Fit Vs. Custom Molded Mud Flaps

Mud flaps come in two general styles: universal and molded; but what’s the difference? 

Universal-fit mud flaps are designed to work well on numerous applications but not perfectly on any single one. They often require modifications to the product and your vehicle to install, which takes longer than their custom-molded counterparts. 

On the other hand, custom-molded mud flaps are engineered specifically for your application. They typically require no drilling, trimming, or other modifications to install and produce a clean, factory-style appearance.

Installing Mud Flaps

Whichever mud flap style you opt for, installation is quick and easy. The job can typically be accomplished in 1–2 hours, though some minor modifications may be required to fit universal variants.

While most mud flaps include brackets and hardware, some universal variants include only rubber/plastic flaps. In these instances, check out our mounting bracket selection, including products like the Gatorback Mud Flap Brackets.