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APS 4" Black IBoards 01
10% OFF
APS 4" Black IBoards
From:  $228.68$254.09
10% OFF
APS Black Drop Step Nerf Bars
From:  $450.78$500.87
Carr Hoop II Steps XP3 01
Carr Hoop Step II XP3 Black
From:  $54.99
Black Horse Polished Aluminum Cutlass Nerf Bars
10% OFF
Black Horse Cutlass Polished Aluminum Running Boards
From:  $310.50$345.00
Ionic CXV Running Boards
20% OFF
Ionic CXV Running Boards
From:  $319.99$399.99
Westin HDX Black Stainless Drop Steps
Westin HDX Black Stainless Drop Steps
From:  $643.99
Raptor 4 Oe Curved Black Oval Nerf Bars Main
Raptor 4" OE Curved Black Oval Nerf Bars
From:  $339.99
10% OFF
APS 6" iStep Black Wheel to Wheel Running Boards
From:  $328.83$365.37
Westin Outlaw Drop Nerf Step Bars Main Image
Westin Outlaw Drop Nerf Step Bars
From:  $429.99
Raptor 5 Curved Oval Black Nerf Bars Main
Raptor 5" OE Curved Black Oval Nerf Bars
From:  $409.99
Westin Black Pro Traxx 5" W2W Nerf Bars
Westin Black Pro Traxx 5" Wheel To Wheel Nerf Bars
From:  $623.99
Westin Stainless R7 Running Boards
From:  $754.99
10% OFF
APS 6" Brushed Aluminum IBoards
From:  $269.08$298.98
Westin R5 Stainless Nerf Step Bars
From:  $517.99
Ranch Hand Bed Access Running Steps
From:  $863.95
APS Black Square Tube Drop Style Nerf Bars 01
10% OFF
APS Black Square Tube Drop Style Nerf Bars
From:  $536.43$596.04
Westin Black Pro Traxx 4" Oval Nerf Bars
Westin Pro Traxx 4" Black Oval Nerf Bars
From:  $257.99
10% OFF
APS Black IRunning Boards
From:  $331.47$368.30
Westin R5 Black Nerf Step Bars 01
Westin R5 Black Nerf Step Bars
From:  $465.99
APS 5 Black Wheel to Wheel IBoards 01
10% OFF
APS 5" Black Wheel to Wheel IBoards
From:  $294.45$327.17
50% OFF
Ionic Pro Series 5" Stainless Curved Nerf Bars
From:  $249.99$499.99
10% OFF
APS 5" Brushed Aluminum IBoards
From:  $279.22$310.25
Westin HDX Stainless Drop Step Wheel to Wheel Nerf Bars
Westin HDX Stainless Wheel to Wheel Drop Steps
From:  $1,061.99
Westin HDX Xtreme Nerf Step Bars
From:  $511.99
Westin Pro Traxx 5" Black Oval Nerf Bars
From:  $353.99
Westin Stainless Pro Traxx 5" W2W Nerf Bars
Westin Stainless Pro Traxx 5" Wheel To Wheel Nerf Bars
From:  $957.99
Luverne 7" Grip Step Running Boards
From:  $57.98
50% OFF
Ionic Voyager Plus Black Running Boards
From:  $209.99$419.99
Go Rhino 4000 Series Black Nerf Bars
From:  $167.60
Westin Black Platinum 4" Nerf Bars
Westin Platinum 4" Black Oval Nerf Step Bars
From:  $253.57

Save $100’s or More Over OEM Hundreds of Styles

RealTruck offers the widest selection of nerf bars and running boards for your truck, SUV, or Jeep. From rugged, tubular-style steps to factory-style running boards, we carry it all!

Why Install a Set of Nerf Bars or Running Boards on Your Ride? 

Even at factory ride heights, some pickups can be a bear to climb in and out of. Once you start adding lift kits and oversized tires, you may notice that what was once a difficult task is now nearly impossible; if not for you, then for your passengers!

Nerf bars and running boards combat the tall ride height of a pickup, Jeep, or SUV by providing an auxiliary step, inches closer to the ground than your vehicle’s rocker panels. 

Nerf Bars 

Nerf bars are typically tubular in design, though aesthetics may vary from rock sliders with welded-on hoops, to long, wide mono-steps with composite step pads. 

If you’re looking for a narrower, rounder step, nerf bars are worth your attention. Usually made of steel, nerf bars are 3”-5” in diameter and are available in wheel to wheel and cab-length options. Some nerf bar designs incorporate a hoop step, which drops down from the main bar to provide a lower step than most boards and bars.

Running Boards

Running boards are typically wide and flat, placing a greater emphasis on functionality. Designs can vary from power retracting steps which automatically drop into position when a door is opened, to solid rectangular steps, affixed to the frame or rocker panels.  

Running boards for trucks are usually 4”-7” wide with a flat step that runs the length of the cab. Wheel to wheel running boards are also available for truck owners who need a step at the bed. Running boards are made of durable materials such as steel, aluminum, and composite.

If you have questions about running boards, nerf bars, or hoop steps, chat or call our product experts