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2010 Ford F350 Truck Bed Mats

Are you tired of finding fresh dings, dents, paint scuffs, and gouges in the bed of your pickup? Or perhaps you’re through with cargo shifting around the bed during transport. In either case, one of the best investments to make if you regularly haul cargo is a premium bed mat. 

RealTruck carries a wide selection of bed mats, ranging from oil and chemical-resistant rubber mats to carpeted varieties. Unsure of which style you’d like to go with in your ride? Check out our best-of articles on RealSource

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Why Choose a Bed Mat? 

Bed protection is a crucial component of every hard-working truck, especially if your pickup lacks a drop-in plastic or spray-in bed liner. With durable, shock-absorbent constructions, bed mats help to keep the bed floor free from damage while loading, transporting, and unloading cargo. From tools to masonry to furniture or anything else, a quality bed mat has you covered! 

Bed mats also feature anti-skid properties, keeping your cargo in one place, rather than sliding across slick paint, plastic, or spray-in liners. 


Nearly all truck bed mats can be installed in under 30 minutes. For standard rubber and carpeted models, simply unbox, unroll, and drop-in! Some models may require trimming or installing Velcro strips; however, these steps generally only tack on an additional 5-10 minutes.