The Best Ram 1500 Bed Mats

Deciding on a bed mat for your truck? Consider this.

Especially if you have a new truck, one of the most important and popular upgrades you can buy is a bed mat. Designed to protect your truck bed from impact damage, scratches, dents and the corrosion and rust that can follow these imperfections over time, a bed mat also gives your knees a break when you inevitably find yourself climbing around in the bed for whatever reason. While a bed mat won’t give you as comprehensive coverage as a bed liner, which also covers the sidewalls, a bed mat can often work well in tandem with a bed liner, adding a layer of protection where the bed needs it most. In short, a bed mat is an excellent, affordable way to protect your truck bed, even if you already have a bed liner. Below, we’ll discuss bed mats in more depth, and if you’re looking for the best RAM 1500 bed mats, your search begins here.

Why Use a Bed Mat?

Not only do they add a significant layer of protection from debris and damage to the truck bed itself, bed mats also reduce load shift, helping cargo stay in place, which can reduce damage to sidewalls. Bed mats are easy to clean around and under, as they’re just as easily removed as they are installed. In most cases, installation is as simple as unrolling and putting them in place. Inexpensive, effective and convenient, the bed mat can be put into use on a case-by-case basis when you need it, or it can be left in the bed, as it has been designed to withstand the elements and last for years, regardless of which type of materials are involved in its construction.

More about materials

Most bed mats are made of rubber, polypropylene or TPO plastic. All are effective, heavy-duty materials designed to do their job well, so this is one instance where your personal preference comes into play. Bed mats come in fitted and universal sizes, some of which can be trimmed to fit custom bed lengths. While the best RAM 1500 carpeted bed mats are usually made with heavy-duty polypropylene, the best RAM 1500 rubber bed mats are available from multiple reputable manufacturers, many of whom also manufacture polypropylene mats. Recommended manufacturers include Husky, Dee Zee, Bedrug, WeatherTech and more.

Where Versatility Meets Functionality

Suitable for all sorts of uses, from camping, hunting and off-roading to heavy-duty jobsite hauling, light-duty furniture moving or home-improvement hauling on the weekends, a bed mat is a versatile, functional addition to your truck that’s well worth its initial investment, paying it back in spades with its helpful functions and protective features. There’s more to it than that, however. A bed mat can help you maintain your truck’s value over time, ultimately increasing its resale value when you’re finally ready to part with your best four-wheeled friend.

Our Top RAM 1500 Bed Mat Picks

With all the options available for liners and mats and combinations thereof, you might be wondering what we recommend, among all the best Ford F150 carpeted bed mats and more. Here are three of our top bed mat choices for the Ford F150:

1. Gator Rubber Truck Bed Mat

With simple installation – merely placing the mat in the bed – it doesn’t get much easier than this bed mat from Gator. Made from heavy-duty 5/16” recycled rubber, this mat is heat molded for a precise fit, with no cutting required and a textured, non-slip surface. A matching tailgate mat is available, sold separately.

2. BedRug Impact Bed Mat

Installed with heavy-duty hook-and-loop fasteners, this mat won’t damage the bed of your truck and includes both the tailgate portion and hinge section that unites it with the main bed portion. Popular among drivers with no bed liner or a spray-in liner, this BedRug mat protects against impact damage and scratches.

3. Husky Liners Heavy Duty Truck Bed Mat

Featuring a rubberized, odor-free DuraGrip HD anti-skid material from Husky, this chemical-resistant mat is elevated for adequate airflow and drying between bed and mat. With a no-hassle, limited lifetime warranty, it protects from dings, dents and scratches, while stabilizing cargo for safe transport.

Making Your Choice

When considering a bed mat for your truck, several important, final considerations come into play. Are you interested in a fitted model manufactured to fit your truck’s year, make and model, or would you consider a universal size, which may require some cutting to achieve a more precise fit? When comparing the texture and features of rubber, polypropylene or TPO plastic, what is your preferred material? Do you also have (or are you also considering) a bed liner? Each question is relevant to your decision. Keep in mind that while offers can vary between manufacturers and models, most bed mats include at least a three-year warranty. Don’t forget that RealTruck experts are standing by, if you have questions!


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