Top 5 Truck Chase Racks

Updated on Jan 26, 2024

With the recent boom in off-the-shelf, factory-built off-road pickups, like the Ford Raptor, RAM TRX, and Chevy Colorado ZR2, the auto industry is undergoing a shift toward rugged, purpose-built off-road builds in lieu of the glitzy, polished street trucks of decades past. This shift, coupled with the recent overlanding boom, demonstrates the adventure-forward state of the truck scene, and it’s not just manufacturers that have taken note! 

The automotive aftermarket has also been influenced by these recent trends, as seen in the massive overland display at the 2023 SEMA show, alongside the debut of several off-road-inspired parts and accessories! One such accessory is the chase rack: a modern take on a roll bar offering rugged aesthetics, increased cargo capacity, and mounting provisions for various accessories! 

If you’re debating adding a chase rack to your ride, you’re in the right place! In this guide, we’re covering everything there is to know about chase racks, including what exactly they are, their benefits, and our top recommended products on RealTruck!

Truck Chase Rack Benefits

Though chase racks are currently gaining widespread popularity, they aren’t a new accessory. Chase racks have existed for decades, though typically adorning support rigs for high-speed off-road races, like the Baja 500 and 1,000. 

Most off-road races feature at least one race vehicle and support vehicle, with the latter conveniently labeled as a ‘chase truck.’ This vehicle, conventionally an off-road-capable heavy-duty pickup, carries tools, spare parts, and pit crew members to service the race vehicle in remote locations. While most chase trucks run service beds to bolster tool storage, they’ll often feature a chase rack to cradle oversized spare tires and mount auxiliary lighting, traction recovery boards, and more! 

While your pickup likely won’t be chasing down trophy trucks in Baja, it can still benefit from the styling and practicality of a chase rack from RealTruck! Chase racks offer several advantages to the average off-roader, including enhanced aesthetics, added cargo protection, and convenient accessory mounting.


Regarding aesthetics, nothing highlights the adventurous spirit of a pickup and its owner like a chase rack! Chase racks ooze rugged styling and personality, transforming any ordinary pickup into a rugged adventuremobile! With durable all-metal constructions and aggressive lines, chase racks provide pickups with unparalleled style. However, chase racks aren’t just for show.

Tool, Tire, and Cargo Storage

Chase racks typically include various accessory mounts, allowing you to mount oversized cargo like full-size spare tires, tool chests, and storage bins. Whether you use your chase rack to tie down cargo between the bedsides or load cargo onto an integrated carrier, they make transporting gear and oversized accessories a breeze!

Light and Accessory Mounting

Whether you avidly off-road or daily drive your pickup, there’s no such thing as having too much light. Luckily, chase racks provide a solid mounting point for off-road and auxiliary lights; some even have LED clearance lights built in! Additionally, many chase racks feature alloy mesh side panels ideal for mounting RotopaX-style jerry cans, traction recovery boards, and more!

Top Truck Chase Racks

Now that we’ve covered the what and why, let’s get into our top-recommended chase racks for your ride! In this section, we’re compiling the top five chase racks on RealTruck, offering superior styling, build quality, and accessory mounting provisions.

If you’re looking for a stylish, functional chase rack for your pickup, check out the Armordillo CR2! This heavy-duty chase rack features a durable all-steel construction for superior strength and durability. The steel frame ships in three modular pieces, allowing rapid, inexpensive shipping. Armordillo applies a corrosion-resistant E-coat finish to each CR2 chase rack, resisting corrosion for years of reliable service. 

While most chase racks include provisions for auxiliary lighting, the Armordillo CR2 comes equipped with dual rear-mounted LED pods and an LED third brake light integrated into the rack’s horizontal support! Either tie the rear lights into your pickup’s reverse wiring or wire them as auxiliary cargo lights! 

This product features an intuitive installation; however, some drilling is required. Armordillo backs the CR2 Chase Rack with a limited 5-year warranty against manufacturing and workmanship defects. 


  • E-coated steel construction

  • Modular 3-piece design

  • Includes LED third brake light and two LED flush mount lights

  • The wiring harness and switch are not included

  • The angled design gives your truck an aggressive, modern look

  • Compatible with tonneau covers that mount inside the truck's bed rails

  • Drilling required for installation

  • 5-year warranty

If you prefer the retro, tubular styling of vintage roll bars, check out the Go Rhino Sport Bar 2.0! This stylish chase rack/sport bar features a robust tubular stainless steel construction, offering exceptional strength and corrosion resistance. Go Rhino offers the Sport Bar 2.0 in your choice of polished or textured black powder coat finishes, ensuring it complements any build! 

The Go Rhino Sport Bar 2.0 offers two lighting configurations, including a fixed position mount to place the lights above the roofline or a retractable light mount. The latter option includes a motorized mount that retracts and deploys at the push of a button, allowing you to hide your pricey off-road lights when not in use. Go Rhino also includes removable side plates, allowing for further customization. 

Go Rhino is a RealTruck brand. When you order the Sport Bar 2.0 or any other Go Rhino product from us, you’re buying directly from the manufacturer. We back each Sport Bar 2.0 with a limited warranty, including a five-year warranty on black powder coat finishes and a limited lifetime warranty on polished stainless steel finishes. 


  • Durable alloy construction

  • Offered in textured black powder coat or polished stainless steel

  • Compatible with most rolling, snap-on, and some folding tonneau covers

  • Integrated light mount (lights not included)

  • Optional retractable light mount

  • Removable side plates

  • Limited 5-year warranty for black powder coat finishes

  • Limited lifetime warranty for stainless steel finishes

Up next is another product from Armordillo: the CR-X Chase Rack. This product, while similar to the aforementioned CR2 with its modular steel construction, features a few significant differences that set it apart. 

The most notable difference is the CR-X's unique modular cargo rack, allowing you to load gear and supplies above the roofline! This roof rack can be oriented either forward, over the cab, or rearward, over the bed. In frontward orientation, the rack can withstand 60 pounds static, while in a rearward configuration, it can support up to 100 static! 

The Armordillo CR-X also includes dual rear-facing 6-inch LED light bars for auxiliary reverse lights/cargo lights. Armordillo backs the CR-X Chase Rack with a 5-year warranty against manufacturing and workmanship defects.  


  • Modular design with three configurations

  • Includes removable cargo rack that can face forward or rearward

  • Cargo rack weight capacity forward: 60 lbs. static

  • Cargo rack weight capacity rearward: 100 lbs. static

  • Steel construction with black E-coat finish

  • Includes two 6" single-row LED lights, wiring harness, and switch

  • Compatible with tonneau covers that mount inside the truck's bed rails

  • Drilling required for installation

  • 5-year warranty

The Trace Rack is an all-new, heavy-duty chase rack from headache-rack-manufacturer Backrack, featuring an aggressive, angular 14-gauge plate steel construction, semi-gloss black powder coat finish, and simple no-drill installation.

This product offers exceptional styling and protection, featuring a wire-mesh rear window guard, similar to several of the company’s premium headache racks. Unlike other products on this list, the Backrack Trace Rack requires zero modifications or drilling for installation thanks to its vehicle-specific mounting kit. 

The Backrack Trace Rack includes various accessory mounts, including pre-drilled holes for attaching auxiliary lighting or securing accessories with tie wraps. Removable side panels and an optional cab shield (sold separately) add further customization. 

Backrack is a RealTruck company. When you order the Trace Rack or any other Backrack product from RealTruck, you’re ordering directly from the manufacturer. We back every Backrack Trace Rack with the confidence of a limited 1-year structural warranty. 


  • 14-gauge plate steel construction

  • Semi-gloss black powder coat finish

  • Tonneau cover compatible

  • Vehicle-specific hardware kit included

  • Simple no-drill installation on most applications

  • Pre-drilled holes for auxiliary lighting and tie wraps

  • Removable side panels

  • Optional cab shield available for enhanced protection (sold separately)

  • Limited 1-year structural warranty

The N-Fab ARC Sport Bar is a premium, heavy-duty steel chase rack featuring rugged construction, sleek styling, and various accessory mounts for added functionality! 

This product features a 1.75-inch tubular steel construction for superior strength and rigidity. A 3-stage textured powder coat finish encapsulates the underlying steel, preventing unsightly rust and corrosion. 

The N-Fab ARC Sport Bar supports various accessories, including a 30-inch LED light bar (sold separately). The chase rack also features integrated anchors that make tying down cargo a breeze. This product features a simple no-drill installation, compatible with OE and aftermarket T-slot rails. 

N-Fab is a RealTruck brand, so when you order an ARC Sport Bar or any other N-Fab product from us, you’re ordering directly from the manufacturer. We back this product with a limited lifetime structural warranty and five-year finish coverage. 


  • 1.75” tubular steel construction

  • 3-stage textured powder coat finish

  • Compatible with OE and aftermarket T-slot rails

  • Simple no-drill installation using the provided hardware kit

  • Accommodates most 30-inch LED light bars

  • Integrated anchor points for securing cargo 

  • Limited lifetime structural / 5-year finish

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