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Whether you're looking to add a full-sized spare tire, relocate your ride’s existing spare tire, or delete the factory mount altogether, RealTruck has you covered! We carry the largest selection of spare tire carriers, relocations, and deletes for your truck, Jeep, or SUV. 

Have questions regarding a particular product or how to place an order? No sweat! Our knowledgeable sales staff is available 7 days a week to offer assistance.

Types of Spare Tire Setup

RealTruck offers three primary spare tire setups for most applications, check each out below!

Spare Tire Carriers

You never know when disaster might strike; with the poor luck that most auto enthusiasts have, you’ll likely puncture a tire at the most remote or difficult section of a trail! Spare tire carriers take the risk out of blowing a tire, allowing you to mount a full-size spare tire onboard your vehicle in case of a failure.

Spare Tire Relocations

Unable to fit a full-size spare tire on your ride’s factory carrier? Then consider a spare tire relocation! Primarily used on Jeeps, these kits adjust the position of your ride’s spare tire carrier for additional clearance.

Spare Tire Delete

Traditionally used on applications that want to run a bumper or interior-mounted spare tire carrier in place of the factory tailgate-mounted unit, spare tire deletes clean up and insulate the area that the spare tire carrier once inhabited. Spare tire deletes also often function as license plate holders and third brake light mounts.