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Hitch Racks

Hitch racks are a useful addition to any truck, Jeep, or SUV with a receiver hitch, bolstering your ride’s cargo capacity without installing a roof rack, removing your existing tonneau cover , or cramming coolers and camp gear in the cab!

These easily-installable and removable rack systems feature a storage system on one side, whether that be a simple platform or a product-specific rack, like a bike, ski, or snowboard carrier. The other end features a receiver-style shank that installs directly into your vehicle’s hitch receiver and secures using a conventional hitch pin

Hitch racks also provide easy access to your cargo, making loading and unloading a breeze!

Hitch Rack Types and Accessories

There are several styles of hitch racks available; some of the most popular include: 

  • Hitch Cargo Carriers: These hitch racks are engineered for hauling assorted cargo like coolers, totes, and more! Cargo carriers feature either a flat, open-deck design or an enclosed, tote-style design. 

  • Hitch Bike Racks: These hitch racks are designed to securely carry one or more bicycles, freeing up room in the bed. For additional information, check out our bike rack comparison on RealSource

Hitch Ski and Snowboard Racks: Keep your skis and snowboards in a secure, designated position outside your vehicle with premium ski and snowboard hitch racks!

Alternatively, we carry several hitch rack accessories, including: 

  • License Plate and Tail Light Kits: Oftentimes, hitch racks block the view of your vehicle's license plate and even tail lights! In this case, invest in a license plate and tail light kit, like the Yakima EXO LitKit, to relocate the license plate and mount auxiliary tail lights. 

  • Specialty Hitch Rack Accessories: Whether you’d like to transform your hitch rack into a portable tabletop with the Yakima EXO BackDeck or a portable kitchen with the Yakima EXO OpenRange Camp Kitchen , we carry the accessories to make that happen! Additionally, we offer several especially mounts, like the Sloggn Yeti Cooler Kit

Alternative Storage Solutions

If a hitch rack isn’t your style, check out some of our countless other storage solutions, including: 

And more!