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Superlift is a RealTruck brand. When you buy Superlift from RealTruck, you are buying direct from the manufacturer.

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Lift Kits

Superlift suspension lift kits are designed and built by real off-road enthusiasts, so you know they're complete and super-strong. Properly addressing things that are generally ignored by others, yet matter—it all adds up. Superlift suspension lift kits are available in a variety of lift heights and styles to fit your budget and needs.

  • Lift kits offered with a variety of shock absorbers.

  • Shock styles include: Superlift Shadow Series, Bilstein 5100, FOX 2.0, FOX 2.0 Reservoir, and Superlift Edition KING Racing Shocks

  • Build with heavy duty materials and Grade 8 or better hardware to withstand the abuse of offroad enthusiasm.

  • Best in class service

  • Hassle free Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Leveling Kits

Superlift leveling kits are a quick, easy way to give your truck a level stance and to make room for a wheel & tire upgrade. Leveling kits from Superlift use coil spring spacers, strut spacers, or torsion keys to give your truck a little boost in the front end. They are also relatively inexpensive, saving you money for oversized wheels & tires.

  • Simple Installation

  • Inexpensive

  • No Modifications

  • Best in class service

  • Hassle free Limited Lifetime Warranty


If you are lifting your truck or SUV, a new set of Superlift Shadow Series shocks is the perfect way to finish off your suspension upgrade. Shadow series shock absorbers are designed specifically to maintain the correct shock travel length, maintaining a comfortable ride on lifted trucks & SUVs. Superlift has designed these shocks for just about every truck or SUV made and they work on trucks with up to 12" of lift!

  • 2” Straight Wall body for better heat dissipation & longer shock life

  • Multi-Stage Variable Valving

  • Nitrogen Gas Charged

  • 1 3/8” Bore for greater durability

  • Hardened Chromed 9/16” Piston Rod for corrosion resistance

  • Gun Metal Grey Finish

Steering Stabilizers

Upgrade your steering system with a Superlift steering stabilizer. Available in a variety of shock styles, Superlift stabilizers will increase the life of factory steering components.

  • Available in single or dual stabilizer kits

  • Shock styles include: Superlift Shadow Series, Bilstein 5100, FOX 2.0 and Superlift Edition KING Racing Shocks

  • Best in class service

  • Hassle free Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Round U Bolts
Superlift U-Bolts
From:  $39.99
Superlift 3888
Superlift Sway Bar Drop Kits
From:  $59.99
Superlift 1119
Superlift Alignment Bushings
From:  $59.99
Superlift 4310
Superlift Drive Shaft Spacers
From:  $69.99
Superlift Add-A-Leaf Springs
From:  $89.99
Superlift 5715
Superlift Front Sway Bar Links
From:  $89.99
Superlift 3434
Superlift Raised Steering Block
From:  $99.99
Sup 3000
Superlift Raised Steering Arm
From:  $119.99
Superlift 599
Superlift Coil Springs
From:  $119.99
Superlift Leaf Springs
From:  $129.99
Superlift Radius Arm Bracket Kit
From:  $149.99
Superlift 5775
Superlift Control Arms
From:  $169.99
Superlift 9960
Superlift Skid Plate
From:  $169.99
Superlift 5070
Superlift Adjustable Track Bars
From:  $179.99
Superlift 3040
Superlift Drag Link
From:  $179.99
Superlift 3030
Superlift Shackle Flip Kit
From:  $329.99
Superlift Edition King 2.0 Monotube Shocks
From:  $449.99
Superlift 1026
Superlift Superunner Steering System Conversion Kit
From:  $499.99
Superlift Radius Arms
From:  $649.99
Superlift 9636
Superlift Drive Shafts
From:  $799.99
Superlift 9110
Superlift 4-Link Conversion Kit
From:  $849.99
Superlift K462
Superlift 5.5" Lift Kits
From:  $959.99
Superlift K306
Superlift 4" - 5" Adjustable Lift Kits
From:  $1,099.99
Superlift 3.5" Radius Arm Lift Kit
From:  $1,559.99
Superlift K640
Superlift 7" Lift Kits
From:  $1,579.99
Superlift Edition King Remote Reservoir Shocks
From:  $1,599.99
Superlift 3900KG
Superlift 3" Coilover Lift Kits
From:  $2,099.99
Superlift Edition King Coilover Shocks
From:  $2,599.99
Superlift 6.5" Coilover Lift Kits
From:  $3,399.99
Superlift K128KG
Superlift 4.5" Coilover Lift Kits
From:  $3,399.99

About Superlift

Superlift®, a RealTruck brand, has a long-standing reputation in the off-road community as a leading designer and manufacturer of leveling kits, shock absorbers, and complete suspension systems, all precision-engineered to elevate your Jeep®, truck, or SUV to new levels of off-road performance.


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Does my state have any laws restricting lift kit height or methods?


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