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2004 Chevy Malibu Performance Packages

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We don't carry any products in this category for your 2004 Chevy Malibu.

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Performance Packages

At RealTruck, we offer a wide selection of performance products and upgrades, like exhaust systems, air intakes, and programmers. Though you can always order everything separately, why not simplify the purchase with a comprehensive Performance Package? 

Performance Packages include several bolt-on and plug-and-play components commonly installed simultaneously, ensuring the most power per dollar. These systems offer a balanced blend of dyno-proven horsepower, torque gains, efficiency gains, and compatibility. Every part is manufactured by the same company and engineered to work together! 

With more power comes more responsibility. Luckily, you can keep tabs on your engine’s vital engine parameters with included monitors, preventing catastrophic failures and aiding diagnosis.

Performance Resources

RealTruck offers a wide assortment of performance products and upgrades, though we aren’t just retailers. We also offer loads of information and unbeatable support. If you’re unsure which performance products best suit your application, contact our experts and check out our related articles on RealSource, your source for everything truck, Jeep, and SUV!