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2015 Chevy Equinox Truck Exhaust Systems

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Benefits of an Exhaust System

Are you looking to boost the power and efficiency of your vehicle? Then consider a premium exhaust system from RealTruck! Exhaust systems are integral to your ride’s performance; these amalgamations of piping, mufflers, and resonators carry exhaust gasses from your vehicle’s exhaust manifolds to the tailpipe.

From the factory, most manufacturers employ small-diameter piping, restrictive mufflers, and noise-reducing resonators, significantly smothering exhaust flow and sound quality. 

Aftermarket exhausts aim to remedy these shortcomings, increasing pipe diameters, utilizing smooth mandrel bends, and replacing restrictive mufflers with high-flow, precision-tuned units for maximum efficiency. As a result, exhaust gasses can escape quicker, allowing the engine to inhale more fresh air, which unlocks horsepower, torque, and overall performance! 

In real-world applications, aftermarket exhausts result in improved acceleration, responsiveness, and even fuel efficiency!


Unleash your truck’s hidden potential by installing less restrictive exhaust components. You’ll see a noticeable increase in horsepower.


Increasing your engine’s torque output gives you the power you need to haul heavy payloads and tow trailers, boats, campers, and more.


From mild rumble to wild roar, upgrading your exhaust will improve the sound of your truck and help it to stand out from the pack.


Whether you’re accelerating up a highway on ramp or passing slower traffic, improved acceleration lets you get up to speed more quickly. Gain horsepower, increase torque, and give your truck a more aggressive exhaust note with a new exhaust system.

Exhaust System Types

When scouring the internet for exhaust systems, you’ve likely come across the terms “axle-back,” “cat-back,” and “header-back,” but what do these terms even mean? 


Axle-back exhaust systems replace only your vehicle’s rear exhaust section, usually consisting of items behind the rear axles, like rear exhaust pipes, muffler, and exhaust tips. These systems typically leave your vehicle’s factory B-pipe, or “mid-pipe,” intact, offering moderate performance gains and decibel increases; however, considering they include fewer components, they're typically less expensive and easier to install. 


Cat-back exhaust systems replace every component behind the catalytic converter, including most piping, mufflers, resonators, and tailpipes. Considering cat-back exhausts replace more restrictions, they typically offer increased performance and noise compared to axle-back systems; however, they’re also more complicated to install…and more expensive. 


Header-back systems are increasingly rare, namely because of modern emissions systems. Most modern vehicles feature between one and three catalytic converters, often with a pre-converter integrated into the factory exhaust manifolds and another primary converter where the header or y-pipe meets the factory mid-pipe. Since removing your vehicle’s factory emissions components is highly illegal, the previous two options are more common. However, header-back systems are still available for some older, pre-emissions applications. In these cases, header-back systems offer more performance and volume than cat-back or axle-back systems; however, they’re also the most expensive and the most challenging to install.   

Choosing an Exhaust System

There are several factors to consider when selecting an exhaust system for your vehicle, including noise level, finish, price, style, and installation difficulty. 

Noise Level

Different exhaust systems offer different noise levels and tones, but how? Sound quality and overall loudness of an exhaust system can vary significantly depending on the pipe diameter, size and design of the muffler, resonator inclusion, and the number of outlets. For this reason, all systems sold on RealTruck are filtered by noise level, including loud, moderate, and quiet.

Price Point

Unfortunately, not every enthusiast has an unlimited budget; because of this, price can play a significant factor in selecting an exhaust system. Depending on the material (stainless steel or aluminized steel), the type of system (axle-back, cat-back, or header-back), and the manufacturer, prices can vary from a couple hundred dollars on the low end up to multiple thousands! 

Tip Finish 

Aesthetically, the most crucial components of an exhaust system are the exhaust tips. Tips are offered in numerous finishes, ranging from polished and chrome to black and even carbon fiber on some higher-end models! The good news is most exhaust tips are interchangeable, so even if you find an exhaust system that meets your needs and budget but lacks your preferred tip style, you can always add a tip that complements your vehicle!


Dual-tip, single-tip, side exit, rear exit, or turn down; what’s your preferred style? 

Installation Difficulty

While most modern exhaust systems feature a simple bolt-on installation, others may require cutting, welding, and other fab work. It’s vital to verify installation difficulty before making a purchase, especially if you plan to install the system yourself! 

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