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Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Covers

If you need comprehensive cargo protection for your pickup that won’t break the bank, consider a premium soft roll-up tonneau cover from RealTruck! We offer all the top soft roll-up tonneau covers, providing exceptional weather protection, theft resistance, and sleek styling! 

Unlike their pricier, hard-shelled counterparts, soft roll-up tonneau covers feature a fabric tarp, typically manufactured from marine-grade vinyl, twill, or canvas, stretched over a rigid aluminum frame for a lightweight yet sturdy construction. These covers offer exceptional weather protection, pairing a weatherproof tarp with a variety of hook-and-loop, foam-rubber, and EPDM rubber perimeter seals to keep water outside your pickup’s bed where it belongs! 

Soft roll-up tonneau covers also act as a theft deterrent, guarding your valuables against prying eyes. With your pickup’s tailgate locked, the cover acts as another line of defense to keep would-be thieves out! 

Soft roll-up tonneau covers also include the benefit of full bed access, compared to the ⅔ access of most soft folding varieties. With the cover rolled against the bulkhead and secured with integrated straps, you’ll have full access to your pickup’s entire bed for loading oversized cargo! These tonneau covers are also easily removable and storable, allowing you to run them only when necessary and remove them whenever you please, without any lingering effects!

Installing a Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

One of the most significant benefits of soft roll-up tonneau covers is the product’s easy and quick installation; most take under 30 minutes with nothing besides conventional hand tools. Each model includes all hardware necessary for installation, instructions, and a convenient no-drill installation with the included heavy-duty aluminum C-clamps. 

For assistance with your particular product, check out the “Installation” section located on the product page, or contact the experts at RealTruck!

Tonneau Cover Resources

As the parent company of several leading tonneau cover brands, including BAK Industries, Gator, TruXedo, Extang, UnderCover, and more, we know a thing or two about tonneau covers! To further your knowledge on these handy accessories, check out our tonneau cover resources on RealSource, covering such topics as: