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Do Tonneau Covers Block Backup Cameras

As trucks incorporate more and more technology to improve safety, performance, and convenience, it becomes harder to predict how aftermarket and OEM accessories will interact. Many of our customers have asked whether certain tonneau covers will block a CHMSL backup camera, which is mounted near the truck’s third brake light. In this article we explain how a tonneau cover could interfere with these third-brake cameras.

Which Tonneau Covers Block This Camera?

Folding tonneau covers such as the BAKFlip series or UnderCover Flex provide full bed access when opened by folding against the cab (BAK) or straight up (Flex), which makes them popular among truck owners who need a cover that won’t interfere with a fifth-wheel hitch. However, when these covers are in the open position, they will partially or fully obscure the third brake camera on most trucks. The exception is the Silverado 1500 with a 5.8 bed, which can accommodate a BAKFlip cover in the open position without blocking the camera.

The camera is blocked when the cover is open.

Fords and Chevys (except 5.8 beds) are both affected by this issue.

How Can I Avoid This Issue?

If you have a truck with this high-mount camera and you need a tonneau cover that won’t block it, consider using a hard roll-up cover instead of a folding cover. The BAK Revolver X4 or TruXedo Sentry will give you the same security as a hard-folding cover without blocking your third brake light or any cameras mounted near it while open.

BAK Revolver X4
BAK Revolver X4
TruXedo Sentry
TruXedo Sentry

If you have any questions about these or any other tonneau covers, chat or call our product experts.