Best-Selling Truck Tail Lights of 2020

Truck tail lights are an essential part of any custom truck build. There are a lot of options out there, including LED truck tail lights, chrome, smoked lenses, and more. If you haven't decided which aftermarket truck tail lights to use on your RAM, Silverado, F-150, or any other truck, check out our list of RealTruck's top 10 truck tail lights.

All lights on the list are SAE and DOT approved with weather-sealed wiring, and most offer plug-n-play installation. And unlike smoked headlights, smoked tail lights are legal in most areas, but check your local ordinances to be on the safe side.

1. Winjet Smoked Black LED Tail Lights

These tail lights kick off our countdown in the number one spot for several reasons. They've also got a black housing with a smoked lens for added black-out style. They're direct-fit replacement, too, meaning you can just pop your old tail lights out and fit these in their place.

2. Spyder Smoked Chrome LED Tail Lights

The smoked look is popular, and these are paired with a chrome housing and a unique LED lighting pattern. Like most tail lights on this list, they're a direct-fit replacement to your existing tail lights, requiring no cutting, drilling, or additional wiring.

3. Xtune Smoked Black With U-Bar LED Tail Lights

Styled with u-bar lights, these LED tail lights give your truck a customized look, especially with the blacked-out smoked lens and black housing.

4. Spyder Red And Chrome LED Tail Lights

The highly-visible red brake and driving lens pairs lets your intentions be known to anyone driving behind you. This tail light also has a chrome housing with clear lens for the reverse light.

5. Xtune Black LED Tail Lights

The black housing and clear lens of these headlights add increased visibility. As with any other LED light, they light up faster and last longer than comparable halogen bulbs found as original equipment on most vehicles.

6. Spec-D Smoked Chrome Euro Tail Lights

Get the Euro look with these smoked lens/chrome housing tail lights from Spec-D Tuning. Upgrade your lights with a true sport style, and stay on budget by re-using your existing halogen bulbs.

7. Spyder Black LED Tail Lights

Designed with a black housing and clear lens, these tail lights bring the style. The bright LEDs will call attention to braking and reversing, making your driving actions easily visible.

8. Spyder Smoked Black With U-Bar LED Tail Lights

Upgrade your tail lights with a unique u-bar look around the brake and reverse LEDs. These lights have a black housing with a smoked black lens for added personality.

9. Xtune Smoked Black LED Tail Lights

One of the darkest smoked black lenses around, these tail lights use black LED housings everywhere except the reverse light for the ultimate in blacked-out style.

10. Spyder Smoked Black LED Tail Lights

Our best-selling tail light, these Spyder Smoked Black LED Tail Lights have a dark smoked lens and a black and chrome housing for a blacked-out tail light that is easily visible to those behind you.

If you've got questions about tail lights, bulbs, or any other lighting accessories, chat or call the experts.